Friday, December 01, 2006

*great cause****

hey eyerybody, this is bernie berlin
  • an angel on earth that runs her own dog rescue!!
    her on-line ebay auction starts tonight at 6pm est and runs through sunday, december 10th....lots of artists from my blog list including me and from those blogs have donated art to her great cause..all monies received for the art will go directly to the animals that she rescues...please help out if you can..there are really amazing people out there that do amazing ART !!!

    thank-you from the bottom of my heart and my dogs hearts!!!


    Dotee said...

    I am hanging out for to see the art on this auction!
    Bernie does such an amazing job and I hope this auction is very successful.

    Look forward to seeing your art thee(I have a piece there too). It is going to be fun.

    Deb said...

    Wishing you tons of success for such a fantastic cause. Our lovely lab Ben was adopted from our local no-kill shelter and he is the sweetest dog ever!

    Julie H said...

    Bernie is so generous with her time. I hope I can afford to support her - if not I'll push the prices up trying, hehe.