Thursday, April 30, 2009

back home....

got back home early evening..made the usual pit stops for bathroom, gas AND krispy kreme donuts..that was the only thing i ate yesterday..4 of wrong but soo soo soo good..
i had a great great 5days of laughing, eating and participating in a beautiful magical faerieland
courtesy of
kirks folly..i really love their style..bought many beautiful pieces of clothing and many many pieces of beautiful jewelry..i am in love with fantasy especially my unicorns and angel wings...its not for everyone but i bet everyone could find something they would love...


Saturday, April 25, 2009

flying solo

well, i am on my way to PA this weekend ..

flying solo or driving solo to west chester

to meet up for a little faerie convention

sorta speak and maybe a possible tv appearance

on QVC..okay go ahead laugh, but i am addicted to watching

and ordering from the "Q"...the faeries are flying in from all

over the country for the Kirks Folly liv show on Tuesday the 28th

at if you have nothing better to do..tune never know

what trouble i could get into

Thursday, April 23, 2009

back to blogland

sorry for the blog delay....
i downloaded something i shouldnt and it jacked my laptop my good friend gave me some help and it worked!!! so here is what ihave been doing...
last weekend i went to artiscape in our is much like artfest but on smaller scale..
i helped my friend sharon andrews with a couple of her classes..she is so talented and can do and make anything....anyway, vendor night was awesome.. i met some great gals...the first one was a mother/daughter team from random arts.
mom lives in saluda, nc and runs her cool shop there. daughter lives here in columbus! they were so so awesome and helpful and i was told that their booth was only a tenth of moms shop.. so i see a road trip in my future to saluda, nc!! go visit them...
they had some seriously delicious things..must haves!!
next favorite booth was rock candy home to roxi and candice
who hail from memphis tennessee
these gals had some stuff that we all need to have go check them out!

and BONUS these gals are putting on an art retreat on our side of the country!!
they have some awesome teachers coming ...ruth rae, laurie mika,melissa manley

just to name a few...

so please check these gals out, they have some really great things we all love....

and think about coming to this great retreat in tennessee

sending you some biggie love off to eat some eggos...xo

Saturday, April 11, 2009

another artfest for the books and i think this one was my favorite so far...meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones that i now hold close in my heart....
the weather was everything but snow this time...
wet, drizzle, cold, sunny, warm, blue skies and a nice toasty fire every night....
my classes rocked, the teachers were great and the food and wine~ perfect!
i cannot wait and am counting down the days until the schedule is up for artfest 2010...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

artfest here we come

well, we all landed in at port townsend yesterday afternoon and after hitting a couple local thrift stores and a couple antique shops, we handed over to our cute apartment unloaded our goods and then headed over to the cafe for some much needed nourishment..the food was awesome, the flan i shared with ellen was heaven...
we headed back to the apartment and worked on the trades and shared our special trades we made for each other...
ellen made me a beautiful polymer clay necklace, julie made each of us cds of our fav songs and lani brought me my fav chocolate covered ginger....yummy.....
see you all later...getting ready to start our wednesday..
artfest registration is open at 330pmtoday!!