Sunday, October 26, 2008

1st halloween party of 2008

well there isnt much i can say is damn we look good! the idea maker behind the group costume is my wonderful friend~sharon andrews
me and marcy decided we both would never had done this for anyone but HER!!
but all in all it was a great party with good margaritas!!
and we took these pictures pre~party at sharons house..
sharon has the best camera .
we all look beautiful with her camera!

Friday, October 24, 2008

gloomy friday~

it is windy cold wet and rainy...
not motivated to do a damn thing....
i have 3halloween parties the next 3saturdays ..
most pressing is tomorrows party
i still need to finish the costume.....see who we are going as...

Monday, October 20, 2008

mail call~

this wonderful doll came in the mail nestled in tightly
with a bag of dark chocolate covered ginger...
it came all the way from nova scotia courtesy of my wonderful friend lani....
she recently took a class making dolls from pipe cleaners, fabric strips and ribbon. wwe both decided that we would d a 1for1 swap...her dolls face is a button which i love and she picked it up at this cool bead shop in bellevue, washington on our way to artfest this past year.....
lani, i love her and the hidden rock and the beautiful bell she carries on her arm..
xoxtis is a sneak peak of my doll that will be on its way to nova scotia, i waasnt sure how to form the body as lanis was formed with pipe cleaners and foam rubber, mine on the other hand is formed with those plastic grocery bags....she is tall and thin but i really love how she turned out..and i hope lani loves her too....
hope y'all are having a great fall monday!!
it is so beautiful here in ohio..

Friday, October 17, 2008

last night~

last night julie our friend~jamie and myself attended the below production at the largest cemetary in our city. it is rich with history and i cannot believe i have never been there ever!
our good friend heather was one of the directors of the production.

below are just some pictures of the show...

it was a great show and i will be back at the cemetary to take some more pictures, i cannot believe how beautiful some of the monuments are..i thought the one below is totally cool as it looks like the letters are dripping blood...okay blood is a stretch but it does look like they are dripping and

i love the ghoulish and creepy especially at halloween...

okay, back to the coffin..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

randomness at good manor~

just some random pictures at good manor last night.....
deb do not look at the last picture!

chance & nelly
chance & biggie
one of our toads sunning

Saturday, October 11, 2008

saturday at good manor

i think i have made it pretty well know that i LOVE fall.......
the crispness in the air, the bounty of color, bonfires at good manor,
and PUMPKIN PIE with cool whip~~
today was a beautiful fall day

the trees were bursting with color and there was campfire in the air!!

the only thing wrong was that it was in the 70s and not in the 50s

but i am confident that tonight when we have our now famous bonfires

it will be in the 50s and the air wil be perfect..the usual suspects will be here...

deb, kelly, eric, leonard & heather and that sweet alexander, bryce and jen..

of course the dogs will be making an occasional appearance throughout the night..

we will be having adult bevs, hot dogs and of course no fire is complete without s'mores....

so if you are in the vicinity..stop by!!


julie preparing the fire ring for tonights bonfire

good manor from deer field

Thursday, October 09, 2008

weekend recap~

this is late, i here goes!!
laura and jane arrives late friday night and after picking them up from the airport we came home to the DOGS of course and hummus and pita(grilled by jj), these yummy pomegranate coolers, TAB of course and bud light! we hit the hay early as we had a full day of antique shops, cross stitch store for laura and lunch at olde bag of nails where laura and jane had their first taste of fried pickles! dinner at our fav mexican spot-don patron! we had dinner there tonight and i had a couple of sangria margaritas!!!! HEAVEN(in my best singing voice!)
anyway, jane & laura gave it the thumbs up!

this is a picture of the inside of don patrons, arent the chairs & tables festive!!!

jane with her new friends!!

cannot wait to have them back again!!