Wednesday, November 29, 2006

book finds~*

last friday or should i saw BLACK friday, i picked this ledger journal up from barnes & noble that i had previously ordered..this is the thank-you gift that laura of fame sent to heather of for doing her banner. when i saw it i had to order it..i had been looking for old ledgers to alter and am having trouble finding any, so this will work nicely until i happen upon some of my own...i just LOVE it!!!
thanks laura-dw

this next book i picked up at joanns last friday also at 6am sharp when they opened!
i used my 40%off coupon, i thought this might give me a little insight or nudge on my journaling phobia.....

i also picked this up at joanns last friday, i liked the different projects you can work on ..just a little more can never have enough inspiration...


zUzU said...

Oh My Goodness ...

I ::wish:: you lived next door ... I would come sit in front of your bookcase & pour through all these treasures!

I never have looked at JoAnne's for books! Guess I should. Barnes & Noble ... Well, that is one of my favorite places in the world. Pack a lunch and stay all day type of a place!

Seriously ... I spend HOURS there every chance I get. The cafe will even refill your teacup for a second cup to linger over ... Tea & a huge stack of books and I am in heaven ::SIGH::

Waiting anxiously now to see what ideas spring from the pages of inspiration. You will share pictures with us, yes?

Such a delight to visit today! I so do love books and journals and ... well ...

Of course ... now I am craving a trip to Barnes & Noble.

And a cup of Tea.
=^..^= love, zU

(PS. I finally found a way to get beta blogger to let me post! Yippeee!)

Julie H said...

That Ledger is simply delicious! I actually can imagine what it feels like. As to the Anna Corba book - I have it and love the way she uses vintage with simplicity. Her painted backgrounds are scrummy too.

I can just imagine you with a TAB enjoying your new books. Hugs to you my friend.

CindyB said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

I love that ledger. I've seen the cover online, but I didn't know the inside was so gorgeous!

I love the ATCs in tea cups. I might have to use that idea.

Laura said...

oh man, I just wrote a long and beautiful comment and it did not go through! Pips! Basically I said I covet these books, especially the anna corba. It is going right on my wish list. and also I admitted to lusting over paper craft books, buying them, and then hoarding them. I still have not looked at the Sally Jean book. It is in hoarding mode right now! Great entry. THIS BETTER GO THROUGH!

One Crabapple said...

Wow these are SOoooo KOOl

I want them all !

Thank you for sharing ! I did not know about any of these....!

Deb said...

What a gorgeous ledger! I found the Anna Corba book at the library and love it ~ it's on my Christmas wish list - so many great ideas.

ButtercupElffly said...

Oh Whichy, How lovley I am a book girl.. please tell me where????