Sunday, June 28, 2009

just breathe~

sitting on our back patio..just relaxing....after a long week......

Friday, June 19, 2009

valley ridge recap~

before we dropped anchor at valley ridge we spent a couple of days with our good friend beth,
she took us to a couple of goods spots and then back to her house for a little arting, laughter
and just a lot of fun and some super secret spots that she loves to photograph!!
thank you beth!

a week ago today, i was sitting in the valley ridge art studio listening to nina bagley

giving instructions on our 3day journey together....
this valley ridge experience was my favorite so far!
everything was perfect, the weather, the food, the teacher, kathy & bill, the cool classmates

and the farm we stayed on!!
all glorious!!

here is kathy modeling my turquoise triple necklace that i made.
her own nina necklace is on the inside

here is a picture of my 2nd necklace that i finished

thank you to all my new and old valley ridge friends, it makes it all worthwhile...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

destination wisconsin~

we arrived yesterday to our home for a week-the oriley farm..
how wonderful to wake up to the smell of french press coffee
a la julie and the sound of the high stepping rooster, being greeted
by the
hen committee and my favorite face
mamma kitty...

a little bit of heaven on earth...

Monday, June 08, 2009


we are in the westin hotel in downtown chicago on michigan avenue.....

julie is out getting us our morning starbucks....while me and our wonderful friend sharon andrews are laying in bed talking.....

i love me some chicago....home to the cubs, white sox, da bears, awesome shopping, awesome friends, antiques, and the best darn hotdogs....

we are making our way to valley ridge art studio .. sharon and i will be taking a class with nina bagley yesterday we spent the day with more of our wonderful friends jane and laura ..going to our favorite antique mall..jackson square mall, then to an estate sale, then to a totally cool bead store called bead heaven and then next door is a wine store where we finally got to sit down and relax with some good wine and snacks...we sat and talked for awhile and laughed ourselves silly!
then we made our way to a slice of heaven...
PORTILLOS..for chicago style hotdogs....

no visit to chicago is ever complete without a stop at portillos...yummy!!

more later as class doesnt start until friday!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

i LOVE me some maija~

okay who doesnt LOVE getting packages in the mail especially SURPRISE
ones..well this was one of those days!! miss maija sent me a caffeine care package
of her favorite vietnamese instant damn awesome is that!!!
and OMG! it tastes FABULOUS!!!!
wow, i am shocked as im not a fan of instant coffees but this is delicious
i hope that i can find it here or maija will have to be my supply!!
i love you maija!!
thank you from my heart...xox
this is something i worked on the last couple days