Sunday, December 24, 2006

artfest charms

just finished these last night and thought i would share...................
i am in a 8person charm swap at artfest2007, it was a little tough for me to come up with something, why? ..i do not know, it just was, so i looked over some blogs that had some
charms for inspiration and lo and behold, someone had used the twinkle christmas lights.
my inspiration had been looking at me all along sitting on my, i pulled 8lights out, wrapped the tops with 24gauge wire, attached jump ring, took the word "enlighten" from
dictionary, printed it 8times, torn each word and lightly glued to lightbulb, then dipped each
one in my beeswax..i am quite pleased with them and hope the participants like them to...
i might even consider doing these with a different word on them for my artfest trades....xox


Maryellen said...

Hope you have a nice, peaceful and wonderful couple days here.

Laura said...

Absolutely brilliant charms!!! I love them!!!!

Just got home from my Mom's for Christmas Eve celebration. This is one of my most favorite nights of the year.....all is calm, all is bright!

Hope you guys are having fun!


Beth said...

Kim...These are beautiful !!!! There is no doubt in my mind that everyone you have made these for will LOVE them.
Hopefully 2007 will give us a chance to meet one another...I think Laura's gonna plan a trip for all of us !!!

Heather said...

oh these are pretty cool. They will smell wonderful when warmed by the wearer's skin. You better do some extras for AF because I am going to want one. I need to get my arse in gear and working on my AF stuff including the Zine!! I need to write all my deadlines in my new calendar and get my charms for our swap out to you!

Dotee said...

Kim - these are fantastic!!! Am sure everyone will love them.

What a clever, clever idea.

Am sure you will have a blast at artfest too:)

Maija said...

The charm idea is fabulous, and these are so clever! I'm going to Artfest also./..what a great trade charms would be!