Friday, May 30, 2008

friday the 30th

today was rather busy, had to be at the doctors for 2week post checkup after my surgery!
everything is fine and dandy, then off to see ashley at the hair salon to get my wig busted! lol
i felt like i was there all day as the salon was super busy...anyway, came home took a nap
(love my naps)..
julie came home and we are off to have dinner at minicos ~one of our fav pizza places!
me driving there
just a little hole in the wall place...
those are the best places arent they??

julie was at the memorial tournament all day..

she is going back tomorrow, i really hate golf, too boring and too too quiet!!

look for her on tv, she probably will have her yankees ballcap on!

me an my new doo!! the back is super short..this picture is not flattering at all..

ugh!! on well!!

look at this delish pizza, yummo!!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


thursday was biggie's 2nd birthday, he is holding his stuffed bear that he received for a gift....
as of today the family room is sprinkled with clouds courtesy of the stuffing from his new bear~~
doesnt take long for one of the crew to get a hole started....
biggie and nelly
biggie and miss vera
this is miss dymond~a pup that my daughters vet clinic is
fostering, it was her weekend to take her home ....
she came to good manor for a little socializing with our pack and everyone played nice!
we are at starbucks tonight using their wi~fi as our stupid wireless modem
is fried!!! we havent had it that long, so we should have a new one tomorrow or thursday..
such a frickin' hassle!!!!
if i wasnt so adicted to this darn thing, ugh~~~

Thursday, May 22, 2008


please send healing thoughts to this little furry sweet faced pup named smudge
we want him to walk again and i know our blogging community can work miracles...

i found out about smudge from the sister of follow your bliss fame
you can see more on smudge over at elizabeths blog
ps..thank you from my heart and all my furry faced animals hearts

Sunday, May 18, 2008

new work~

while recuping yesterday and today, i decided to give a try a new jewelry technique by
stephanie lee that is shown in her new book~Semiprecious Salvage...
her technique instructions are super clear and easy
and as long as you have all the correct tools
it is a breeze, this bracelet took about 1hour to complete
and later in the evening i soldered all the jump rings together...
i had previously purchased a sterling silver spoon from ebay
do not use not a silver plated one..
i am not saying that silver plating will not work but it might just be
alot harder to get the results like stephanie lees ....
i think that the most time comsuming step was stamping the words..

the word "grace" was all ready inscribed on the spoon making it all the more special and on the inside or backside is the date july 22, 1888...

instead of using a lobster clasp i opted for a toggle, i like toggles as there have so many options!if you have an insterest in jewelry making get stephanie lees book , it is so worth it!!!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

out of commission~

okay people i will be out of commission for a few days...
i am having a couple of outpatient procedures tomorrow.......
you know i am heading towards
those menopausal years
of my life-ugh!!
these 2procedures should
end years and years of painful heavy cycles..
okay i can
be alot more descriptive
but i do not want to gross anyone out...
so if you need details you can email me....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

journal page

i did this journal page tonight which will
be a little bigger than an atc for a friendship swap book...
i used a combo of golden (michael demeng approved) paints,
my fav watercolor crayons, my fav white gel pen and rubber stamps..

Monday, May 12, 2008

weekend recap~

we had an impromptu bonfire saturday and lots of folks showed up and
it was our biggest yet!!
hot dogs and s'mores went fast!
julie, deb, kelly and heather showed up first to get a good seat
little miss vera stayed out until midnight
and slept in sunday morning

the toads are back...
monday mail call..
i love this!!

a belated gift from my friend and fellow faerie-briteraven

it is the perfect necklace for me!!ok, this box of goodies is from bee shay!

she is always in charge of the ATC/Fatbook artfest bookswaps

she was cleaning house and posted that she would take

the first 2people who sent her the postage..

well i was so lucky to get

this awesome box of inspiration!!!!! thats it for today, i dont mind telling you

that is friggin freezing and dreary and rainy here...


we are having homemade mac n cheese tonight..


Sunday, May 11, 2008

special day~

happy mothers day !
i love you, mom...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008



i have been wishing


waiting for a class close to me with

the one and only


now finally it will happen

this july!!!

at a cute little store 3hours away
in ann arbor, michigan

Soldering for Virgins: The Bracelet
class description is as follows:
For virgins and not-so-virgins....a workshop filled with the basics of soldering, from what type of supplies to use (and why) to the tips and tricks of achieving a smooth and shiny finish. Discover how to solder 3-dimensional objects of unusual shapes and materials. A special sidebar of glass-cutting by hand for those who want to know it all!

In this class, you'll practice making small individual charms - each one different from the others, including square charms, 3-D charms, charms using beveled glass, found object charms, bubbles, double-bubbles, marbles and more. At the end of the day, you can attach the charms to a bracelet (not supplied) and wear your art jewelry proudly...

I am so excited and cannot wait!!!

Monday, May 05, 2008

sunday doings

yesterday we went and looked at this house located in granville, ohio
home to dennison university, it is a darling small town with lots of charm
we didnt actually go inside byt drove up to the home
we will be setting up an appointment
to do so soonthese beautiful horses are located a hop, skip and a jump from the house we looked athere is main street in granville so very very cute!!julie enjoying the rootbeerfloats we bought at the ice cream salon
just some beautiful fuzzy flowers on the other side of main street
we ended the day with a cookout at julies aunt/uncles home
gawd, the food was great!!
my friend sue at artful adventures tagged me for the
which is so nice, i met sue at valley ridge last summer
in a class taught by nina bagley..she is a wonderful artist and a fellow animal lover,
go give her blog a look see....
i have been tagged before and meant to post about it
but it always goes by the wayside,
so i am publicly apologizing to my friends that i didnt post
but it didnt mean i didnt appreciate it because i do
and it is hard to choose 5people to nominate
so i nominate all the blogs i have listed
because they are listed as great and inspiring blogs to visit!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

mail call

mail call

lookie what i got in the mail today...a real sweet little birdie nest

that promptly went into the freezer....

and lookie at this sweet little heart made out of clay by miss ellen

absolutely darling

ellen recently took a class from tejae to make these beauties

this prompyly went on my birdie hutch..

thank you miss ellen

i really really adore my heart


Friday, May 02, 2008

spoon art

today i finally finished my last 2spoons for my spoon swap..
i tell ya it was easy, i didnt want them all to be the same so it was really hard for me to finish the last 2, but i really like how they turned out and now my favorite part is the dressing or wrapping of the spoon!!!
then off in the mail tomorrow on their merry way to australia!!