Monday, December 04, 2006

christmas tags~

here are some christmas tags, that i did tonight...
that is my offering of art tonight, i am trying to
find some pitures i won on ebay and if you show
my "studio" you would know why!!! sorry for the
bad pictures, i do not have the best lighting in
the basement....xoxo


One Crabapple said...

These are great !

What a cute image / the three under the umbrella.

Love the tiny balls with names on them.

Super tags ! inspriting ideas !

pinar said...

I love them.. so Xmas-sy.. with the balls..

Laura said...

Wow! I see my name on one and Jane's on the other!! So pretty! Glad tidings of joy! Magically delicious!

Jane said...

I spy my name Kim!!! I have to comment on how cute these are and your charms on the previous post OH MY are those ever the cutest!? Can't wait to meet you! How fun!