Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

more kitty pictures~

well as promised i have more pictures of wren and irah...
she is so silky and smooth wren is ...
little owen in the background, he wasnt feeling the love tonight.. they were both love bugs tonight~ irah especially as he has been
very skiddish since we have had thenm all..always keeping
to himself and staying hidden..well i dont know what
what was special about tonight but he came out
of hiding and was very daughter said he
has a special meow sound and he sure does, he likes to talk
and we like to listen...maybe by this time next week, we can live the garage door
open a squeak and they can come and go as they please..i hope so...

Monday, October 26, 2009

lame-o monday post....

i know, i know this is a lame-o post but i got nothing..
i will try and spice it up as the week goes...
our halloween costumes........
gawd, i loook like mama cass...
but i so wanted the giant afro wigs like year..
julie was a scream!
owen in the front and wren in the i just have to catch a snap of irah... honey is back to staying with us again and is napping with her cousin vera
while we are watching monday night football.....

Monday, October 19, 2009

monday night roundup~

just got home from the movies"where the wild things are"
wow and wow...i loved it just like i loved it when i used to
read to my daughter and we would growl like wild made me
cry and i am sure it was just remembering those early times with my
daughter..she still is a wild thing, lol
next thing...we have the pitter patter of 12 new feet at good manor ..what?
you ask??? well it is the arrival of wren, owen and irah...2kittens(brother & sister)
and a big male ginger daughters vet clinic was heavy on their cat/kitten intake this
past summer, so of course we stepped up and took 2kitties and irah as no one was taking him
or even considering him so he is now a good manor cat......
so i was only able to catch owen introducing
owen..he is a darling skinny kitty..i am sure he will fatten
up as soon as he gets outside around good manor..i will take pictures of the other two
as soon as i can catch wren, she is warming up and almost comes to you..
irah is another story..he is still hiding ...

good night from good manor..xox

Saturday, October 17, 2009

heartfelt thanks~

thank you thank you thank you from my heart for all

the wonderful nice comments and private emails

regarding our special delivery next really

means much coming from you all .......

Thursday, October 08, 2009


while i have been busy with last months visit from lani and the trip to

new hamphires squam artfest and this months faerie wedding in newport, ri

in the background i have been going through different emotions when my

daughter broke the news to me that she was pregnant via a text message...

i know she did it that way because she knew my immediate reaction was that

i would be furious and of course i was...the situation wasnt ideal and they really

cannot afford it all but can any young couple? after much discussion and tears

with my daughter and meeting the soon-to-be father..i realized that it wasnt about

me and what my friends would think and how they would view my daughter..i realized

if they were my true friends it wouldnt matter to them and they would be there to

support me and my daughter and of course my friends are the best in the world and

they are all excited that i am going to be a that is what has been

going on in the background, so if i havent emailed you or called you up on the phone,

i have been a little distracted......

Sunday, October 04, 2009

where have i been?

i have been transported back to a land of faerie, mirth and may.....
one of my faerie bffs daughter was married on thursday in
newport, ri at belcourt castle ...this was a formal masked affair with
faerie dust, winged creatures, mime tree, jugglers and a harpist....
if you have never been to newport, ri and travel to bellevue ave
you will see how old money lived and lives!! the movie "the great
gatsby" was filmed in one of the homes on bellevue avenue...
and then there is the cliff walk and clam chowder and killer bloody marys.