Sunday, July 30, 2006

sunday morning atcs*

i have acquired these little gems from a wonderful and multi-talented artist-art tea life. some of you may know her from her delightful blog- i came on the scene and first starting selling my atcs on ebay, i found i couldnt resist buying her fabric atcs..they are darling, adorable, whismy and just plain cute, especially the dog all know i am a sucker for a dog!! anyway, my collection has grown and they have been sitting in my atc album and i thought how can i display these jewels so i can see they everyday, so last night while watching -debbie travis facelift, i safety pinned them all together and now they will reside on the wall next to my "sambucca"...a fitting spot....i also have several of her larger altered quilt squares, some are even filled with lavender..thank-you art tea life for the joy i get when i open your packages and opening up my taste buds to some wonderful tasting you~*~

Friday, July 28, 2006

**pink swap

this is the pink photo of my "pink things from mo of mo had my name in the pink swap coordinated my the wonderful and my muse- photo is missing one of the most important little gifts, the ghiradelli dark chocolate and raspberry filled decadent are those babies...yummy in the tummy..i had 2 of those for breakfast chased down with a triple espresso on the rocks from starbucks, it doesnt get any better than that does it? unless it was chased down with a TAB(remember those PINk cans-love tab) i received somebeautiful things all wrapped up like i had purchased fine items from harrods of london...darling buttons, pink umbrellas(l-o-v-e), gift tags(that i will keep for myself unless you are really special), darling hand sewn kleenex holder for my handbag(another l-o-v-e) and the best- note cards that she designed for me after reading my post on the matching mother/daughter ladybug tattoos we had gotten..the cards have a momma & a baby ladybug...what a wonderful treat you have given me..thank-you again mo!! and thank-you my muse for letting me in the Pink Lady Club....what time is cocktail hour? ~*~*~

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


well, here it is the portrait of sambucca hanging safely in my bedroom....~*~

Monday, July 24, 2006

!the dog whisperer~

this past saturday, my friend, sarah and i went to see the dog whisperer-cesar millan. now, i saw him last year with my daughter//this year, we both paid extra to get our photos taken and have him sign his book or dvd..i had his book and my "pack leader" hat signed and sarah had her dvd & book signed..he is such a great charismatic wonderful person, you cannot help but love him!! his seminar was 4hours w/30minute break and you hang on to his every word..he just does amazing things with animals.. we saw clips from his shows regarding specific dog behavior and there were a few working dogs in the audience that he used as examples...i just cannot say enough oabout this wonderful man...he works miracles and i just adore him...this has been his biggest attended seminar so far. there were 1600 animal lovers that come to see him and it was worth getting up early on saturday for and i will do it again next year!!! ruff ! ruff!!

ps....the one picture, that is the back of me with my orange "jelly" bag on my shoulder!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

*wake up~

i normally on sundays love to sleep in, well that wasnt happening this morning!!! i was woke up by the sound of what i thought to be one of those little airplanes that you sit in and they have the frame, motor and yourself all exposed..i have seen that thing flying around a few times this, i thought okay i will get up and let kaj and chance out and sit awhile on the i am sitting on the patio and here comes this plane buzzing the neighbor's field across the was a crop cool! i have never seen one in person but it was pretty me, chance and kaj gawked over the back gate watching this plane dust the neighbor's soybean was pretty cool, he made a pass sideways down our street pretty close to the pavement, it was my own private airshow with,, how was your sunday morning?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


the atcs above are three that i am entering in the house of cards exhibit. submissions are from all over the world. the works of the different artists will be displayed at european papers located in my town.( let me know what you think of my choices?~*~*~*~

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

~swap atcs~

these are my atcs that i have made for my ACEO group that i belong to on ebay..we vote on a theme each month and then add our name how ever many times we want and make that many atcs and trade all the is really fun..i have a million(not really) but it seems like it unfinshed art projects with deadlines coming up thus the reason for slacking on the i will try to be a please bear with me!!!
sparkle on~*~*~*~~

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


i found this card at barnes & noble over the weekend..anyone who knows me, knows who the dog on the front is, my beloved is him to a tee, he must had been moonlighting..i certainly didnt see any of those profits!!(laughing) anyway, i had to have the card and i love the sentiment or verse on it.."hold a true friend with both hands"" of course, you do not want them to get away, they are a rarity in this hectic, crazy world we all live in and i am blessed with many...i can always count on them no matter day or night...thank-you and you know who you all are!! in the last 3months i have had the chance to become part of a group of women that are all so unique and talented and smart and funny..we are the kirks folly forum faeries and we rock! so here is a toast to you all, thank-you for your friendship..sparkle on~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
ps..crabapple girl ~what would i do without our daily conversations... xox

Sunday, July 09, 2006

~summer flowers~

**just a few snapshots of my flowers in the front yard..the lilies look wonderful and i have some star-gazer lilies that havent bloomed yet on the side of the house and over by the cat hill(where the cats play) are one of my favorite flowers, their scent is so intoxicating~*~*~*~*~*~

Friday, July 07, 2006


I do not know if there is a bigger STARBUCKS lover than me!! i am faithful every morning, no matter the city, on having a venti nonfat latte, extra ice, light on the milk and sometimes an extra shot!! that is called a quad latte then, yep that is right 4shots of expresso...sometimes i go more than once a day now what i like about starbucks is no matter the city, it always tastes the same and that first sip out of long green straw is like nectar of the gods! mmm,mmmm, so good! even though we have some starbucks at home, it is not the same and here is another thing you might not know...the old store have the hand press expresso machines and the drinks are so so much better with the old machines, the new fancier machines are automatic and they do not have the hand pressed feeling and i can get the same exact drink and the amount of expresso is so much less, even though they will tell you it is the is all about that personal hand touched stop at a starbucks and show the barista some love and tell them kim sent you!!!