Wednesday, August 27, 2008

music break~

i dont know how i happen across the site but i have totally
loved her since the way early early days..
her site is beautiful
and haunting just like her.....
go have a look for yourself

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday putzing~

this spider looks really big but she really isnt just about 2inches long
she is a writers spider...
today after my morning errands of starbucks, library and post office.

i decided to drag out the soldering stuff and finish some projects up....

i have 2soldering guns and the one that i really love just stop working so i

had no choice but to use the other one.....well, that one has a much finer tip much like

a pencil and i wasnt able to solder like i like but the textures that i got with this tip i really

really like, it gave the pendants a older look at least to me, so the couple of you that are getting

a package in the next few weeks, i hope you agree with me that you like them too!my soldering station on the sun porchsoldering setup ala sally jean
the next two pieces are a couple of projects that i just finished this past week..this is a swap necklace that is winging its way to cindy
this piece went to our 2good friends al&karen...
thanks for stopping by today..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

pmc & knot nina at valley

here i am in class, i dont think i have had any coffee yet...i love using pmc as it just amazes me all the beautiful pieces you can make with a small bag of clay...i made many pieces out of pmc this visit but not many pictures..

bracelet i made

start of a necklace

kecias swap necklace i made for her

random earrings..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

ninas gathering class at valley ridge

everyone should experience valley ridge....
it is a magical place,
where new friendships are made
and old ones rekindled....
there is constant laughter and music and oh so good food for the soul!
and did i mention laughter???
we laughed sometimes until it hurt..especially when noreen showed up!!miss nina with me & amy at her side cover of my gatherings book..
thank you to julie for the inspiration and beautiful card that adorns my cover.
she sent this to me along with a beautiful dolly necklace...
i love the quote on the card and how fitting for the past weekend...
the following pictures are the little altered book covers that fit inside the cover.....

isnt that bat hilarious!!

thank you martha stewart! is this the most precious face...
all in all this all turned out great!!

..class photo..

more stories/pictures tomorrow

Saturday, August 09, 2008

where am i ??

well i am coming to the end of a WONDERFUL week spent with old friends,

meeting new friends and being creative with miss nina bagley!!

i have been here at valley ridge

where the learning is relaxed with laughter and music and food

fabulous hosts~bill & kathy

~wonderful food!
here are some pictures from valley ridge until we roll back into town in the next few days...