Tuesday, February 27, 2007


i recently received some great vintage circus photos from
  • her father had a HUGE collection of circus memorabilia. he has since passed on to that big tent in the sky and she wanted to share his photos with some of us...when i looked through them, something just touched me deep, i couldnt stop looking through the stack, it was weird and it is hard to explain but i have been glued to these photos since..anyway, i knew i had to make something immediately, so this is my tribute to sammy and her wonderful father......

    Monday, February 26, 2007

    a little saturday antiques

    on saturday, julie and i met my friend-shara(who is an art teacher and wonderful artist)
    in lebanon, ohio...this cute little town is famous for the
  • golden lamb hotel pictured above..
  • this hotel was built in 1803 and boasts that charles dickens slept here along with several other famous people... we did have a great lunch there, topped off with apple cobbler that was really delicious..we were in lebannon as julie had to go to "wheelie fun sport shop" to buy a new road bike for the new team she joined. they were having a great sale..so shara and shopped at several of the antique and little boutique shoppes that lined the main drag..it was fun..didnt buy many antiques, but did spend some money..on the way home, we stopped at the outlet mall and went to pottery barn & the ralph lauren store..i scored some great deals on sheet sets and towels..all in all we have a great day and i love to spend time with shara-she is so much fun!

    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    and the winner is.........

    MISS FAERIELUNA -a gift of one of the sweet little birdie pins..............sorry this post is a bit late, but better late than never.....
    thank everyone for their comments about my artfest trades, please stop by again as i
    will have a giveaway at least once a month!!!

    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    artfest trades

    here are some little birdie pins i am making for artfest trades...this is one of my most favorite stamps on some toile fabric i got over the weekend for a steal like 5yards for 2bucks...
    what do you think, seriously!
    leave me a comment and i will have chance marie draw a name on monday for one of the pins....

    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    raccoon rescue!!

    well, mr raccoon has been a frequent visitor on and off the last several days but he usually leaves on his own..last night i think he moved in! 430am this morning we hear rustling around in the garage, so we are hoping it is the cats, but no it is mr raccoon up in the corner of the gargae ..somehow he was up on the garage door, you know the one that opens and shuts with the garage door opener...i didnt have my glasses on but he was just a normal size one, so up and down, up and down ,up and down, over and over we did this to the door until he climbed or sorta slipped down the wall and then he runs to behind the floor to ceiling shelves..great..so i stayed home from work due to the heavy snowfall and we had to put the cats in the laundry room which they like with their new litter box as we are no longer leaving the garage open at night...anyway, we called the normal places that get rid of rodents..no dice today due to the bad weather, so i called the wildlife rescue and they said their sister company is a choice that humanely gets rid of wild animals...the guy-dave was so great, he talked and coaxed the raccoon into the animal carrier like he was his pet...what they do after they catch the animal they release the animal onto your property..not this time~mr raccoon was injured so dave will take him to the wild animal rescue center and their vet will take care of mr raccoon until he is better and then release him in a similiar setting...the cost was minimal and goes back to the rescue and then we wanted to donate money but the guy said just join the ohio wildlife center as that money goes to the center also..doing that was still cheaper than those other places that would not be humane with the animal..so all in all everyone won...and the cats have their garage back....

    Sunday, February 11, 2007

    animal rescue! updated!!

    **this is not a good picture of him, but it was the best we could do under the circumstances!
    came home tonight around 630pm, let the dogs out, fed them and julie came in and said there is a animal in the cats doghouse! now last night we had a raccoon stuck in the garage and were woke up around midnight to him rooting around in the garage, so julie was sure it was him sleeping in the doghouse, it wasnt it didnt look like a raccoon, so of course she couldnt find a flashlight that worked or had batteries so she took a picture of the cat and because of the flash, the cat held its head up and it looked like EMMA! now for those of you that do not know, we rescued a mom cat and her 4kittens about a year and a half ago, Emma ran away right after she got spayed..she has always been aloof and there is a great possiblitlity it could be her, she was about 6months we she ran away...sandy found her cat after a year and she always told me there is hope, so long story short we are waiting for heather to get and them off to our vet...we have 3vets and this one is on call 24-7, although it is half hour away, it is so worth it for stuff like this..i am a total wreck and sick to my stomach and crying ..shoot i didnt tell why we are going to the vet, she is limping on her front paw and cannot walk on it, i havent got close enough for a look-see, that will be heathers task...anyway, that is the story ..more later xoxox



    well, emma is not emma but thomas jefferson(that is his new name)! he is a boy severly dehydrated, broken digit with bad infection in paw, tested negative feline leuk and FIV, which is good so he will spending some time at the animal hospital to get himself back to normal before any surgery is preformed...he is a very skinny boy! he was a very hard cat to catch, heather and julie had to pry him out from under the suv, he was stuck in the between the muffler and another pipe or other and at one time he almost hung himslef..needless to say i was a wreck, but he will heal and hopefully once he gets neutered and back in shape he will stay around and keep wilma and miller company! he really is a beautiful boy with nice semi long hair and he could be millers brother, but he has almond shaped eyes...xox

    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    Monday, February 05, 2007

    new man about town!

    well, here he is the newest member to our pack-
    say hello to
    "Biggie B"
    he is a male, 10month old , 150lb, st bernard puppy

    Biggie B, Ruby J, Nelly, and Kaj

    Nelly & Biggie

    Chance Marie, Biggie, Kaj, Ruby & the back of Nelly's

    the funny thing is he is still smaller height wise then our


    Sunday, February 04, 2007

    winners drawn by chance marie!!!

    here is the lovely miss chance marie mixing up the names for our half-time drawings~~
    #1winner-hey-whose real name is heather-thank-you!xoxoxox

    #2winner-follow your bliss-jill....thank-you new friend!!xoxox

    #3winner-jane m......no blog as of yet..merci!! xoxox

    #4 winner-beth-seaside dreamer...thank-you for stopping by..xoxox

    thank-you to all who played this was so much fun, i will do next month in honor of my birth month!!!!!
    i have met some new really cool bloggers who do amazing art...

    go bears!*!*!*!*!*! go chi-town!*!*!*!

    i am hoping for a big win today by the bears!!! if so portillos all around(awesome chicago-style hot doggies)-the best!!

    ps..i will be drawning my heart giveaways winners some time today!!

    Saturday, February 03, 2007

    2more giveaways~

    had some free time this very cold ohio afternoon so i whipped up a couple more pins for giveaways..the response has been awesome and i have made met some great new blogger friends..thank-you from the bottom of my heart!!!xoxox

    Thursday, February 01, 2007

    2nd HEart GIVEAWAY!~

    i thought i needed another treasure to give away, so here she is! is that button face
    too darn cute or what......you know what to do- leave a comment and we will draw a second name on super bowl sunday!!!
    ps...it is a pin