Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hump day~

look at these beauties......
like candy to a kid...
my girl katie in franklin, tn sent these to me...
such yummy colors....
merci mon ami..xox
getting good manor ready for one of the bffs
to fly in from the home of bill

Sunday, July 26, 2009

big one!

i really do not like white hydrangeas and i have tried to kill mine several time,
i have cut them down to the dirt and
they keep coming back bigger and better and fuller!!
look at this one the head is huge!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

nighttime nature at good manor~

i admit these pictures arent the best...but i couldnt find my camera..but anyway the story is i was letting the dogs out before we went to bed late last night and i am standing on the patio and i see the spider, a little one a little bigger than the thumbnail and then crap! i see her HUGE web that goes from the drain gutter on the top of the screened patio to the back of the wicker chair...
i could not believe it! so i ran in and grabbed the camera and snapped away
the web was beautiful......i wonder how long it took her to spin?
i am hoping you can see it..the second picture is the closeup....but sadly it is gone i am sure the torrential rain we had today blew it away, but i am so happy to have the pictures......
whats going on where you live???

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the night the lights went out at good manor.....

you know it just doesnt get any better...went to roosters after work...came home

to pitch blackness.....

yep, had a storm.. nothing big and the friggin' electricity is off..

oh yeah it came back on for seconds and then did some kind of friggin dance to

mess with us..on off on off on off for about 30seconds....

i hate being without electricity..

i would never have survived as a settler....
but the bright side is the computer is juiced up and running....

and the winner is...........

miss kecia from
winner of a $10 starbucks gift card....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

some thursday randomness and giveaway~

has anyone had the cheery cherry tart from starbucks???


run out right now and get one...they are the best cherry tarts/pies

in the world


i know my pie..

the crust is some flakey goodness with sprinkles of sugar on the top

and of course

at home i will top with my staple of

cool whip original as shown below!

i made this necklace inspired by one my friend katie had on during one of my valley ride class.

my daughter doesnt like it which is fine, cant please everyone, right?

my pages for a round robin, theme was reflection of yourself..okay, isnt this picture of biggie adorable..gawd i so adore him....

so leave me your favorite pie and i will draw a name on monday night for a starbucks card, so you can try the cheery cherry pie!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


just a couple of the many things i have been working on..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

weekend randomness~

thank- you... thank-you.....thank-you
for all the well wishes to julies mom from this wonderful blogging community!!!!
she is doing wonderful and feeling so much better...
there is power in prayer!!
yesterday was a rainy saturday and i knew something was in the air as my bad knee
was aching something terrible friday night..
saturday morning it felt fine once the rain started,
i guess there is some truth to that old wives tale...
today is sunday and it is hot humid and hazy...
went to get a new wireless card for the computers,
the recent one died 7days after the warranty expired..
doesnt that stink!!
oh well we did get a rebate so it was pretty cheap in the long run....

this pretty girl is of my daughters dogs, she decided to stay on for awhile after we returned from vally ridge in june..

biggie with one of his toys..

ruby and kaj..i love this picture, they are like cats to lay in the sun..

julie and i were driving around and i wanted to see my grandmas house that i remember from my childhood, boy it sure looks small, i so remember it being so much bigger, but it still looks in great condition!! good memories..

this is the church my parents got married in, the name is changed which i find interesting..why would they have to change the name of the church? it still is in great condition too....

okay that is all i got and i am so so happy to be back online.....

Monday, July 06, 2009

monday morning~

good morning people!
not much to say today but just wanted you all to keep julies mom in your thoughts...she is recovering from surgery that she had a week ago and having a little trouble getting back into the swing of things..julie is currently in the er with her as i write this..hopefully they can find the root of her pain...i know she will recover but keep her in your thoughts and prayers and hopefully she will recover all the more quickly...thanks from my heart....