Saturday, December 16, 2006

treasure hunt~

went to a monthly antique flea market that is held at our state fair location, it was so great, i could so have spent double what i did!! how do you like my stable of deer, i decided to collect these this year and got some great deals on them..the bird house is handmade And was $8. couldnt resist the bottle brush wreath and the #3 typewriter key at the pitch of the roof....behind big bambi is a silver candlestick with a silver tray on it and on that is a 4footed little sauce/bowlish thing ..$5bucks a piece on the silver..i thought i would hot glue or (solder if the glue doesnt hold) the tray to the candlestick for a cake pedestal like holder and footed bowl will hold all my jewelry in the bathroom..tends to collect there!!
how bout these photos!! the gals in the glasses are for miss maude & mozart..thought they were perfect for her!!

how bout this pensive old broad, but she didnt see alot of action in her day! look how her one eybrow is raised up!!

now these 4photos of old paris, i LOVE!! they so depict how paris was back in the day...see the eiffel tower in the background of the one photo, love it!! i didnt even finish out the antique looking, i had to leave or i was in for T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!
au revoir! xoxox


Laura said...

Wahhhh!!!! Great, great stuff!! I wish I could have been there with you! We would have done some DAMAGE!!! I love the pix you picked for me!!! Totally excellent! Thank you for thinking of me! I like your choice of collecting deer!!!

Julie H said...

Hello my friend.

Julie H said...

Yeah! Blogger let me comment so I will risk a longer one.

It is so good to have you back and posting. What fabulous pic's you have taken to share with us.

The candy canes are terrific!!! I could eat one just now.

Your deer are gorgeous! Did you see the photo's of the ones in Sandy's garden?

I do hope you are feeling some Christmas peace begin to steal up on you now.

Dawn said...

Oh, you lucky girl! I would LOVE to go antiquing again...Brice Rd mall is one of my favorite places! I sent the jewelry to you late last week...let me know when you get it please. Baby is still hanging in there...stubborn cuss.

Jane said...

Great finds Miss Kim! Love those old pics of Paris and those glasses pics are perfect - love the deer and that birdhouse is soo cool! Oh wish I could have been there too - definite damage would have been done!

Dotee said...

You found some fabulous goodies Kim!

I just popped over to say hi and give you a hug. Blogger has been such a pest lately and I know I have had troubles posting onto friends blogs. And vice versa.

A big Christmas smooch from me!

Dotee xoxo

ButtercupElffly said...

My Rudolph would fit right in with this herd<'''' :-)