Wednesday, April 30, 2008

wednesday night~

this is what we woke up to yesterday morning...yeah you know what it is SNOW.....

how freakin funny is that stuff!! it had promptly melted by the time i left for work at 930ish.....
okay, see these frames arent they just the best and arent they so me!!!!! the doctor went to the big NY eyeshow a couple weekends ago and had a great time picking out new frames for our 2locations......this particular line just come in today
and we were like kids in a candy store, she picked out
a fresh and funky frame called WAY and it is a nice bright green(like grass) with
a little bit of black on the frame is called SILVER LAKE.neither of these
frames made it out onto the floor...they are on their merry way to the lab for lenses!!
since i started working there in september i probably have gotten about 6pairs of glasses-no lie!
i keep gravitating towards frames that have some red in them as all my frames do have some red in them except 1pair..i feel that if you have to wear glasses people should see you coming!!!
okay that is it for off to bed with biggie, nelly and verabelle...

Monday, April 28, 2008

bits &pieces

i really waited sooo long to recolor my hair this time..gawd so much gray, ick!!

anyway, here is the new haircut and just all one color this time....
ellen are you happy now???more verabelle pics...

she is really a spitfire..
it is raining here and pretty chilly
so much i had to turn wilma's-(our outdoor cat)

heating lamp on...

these are my attempts at journal pages
they arent completely finished..but here they are....
i did them on the airplane ride to artfest..
it is a small journal and i am taking baby steps until
i graduate to be like ellen
go over to her blog and check her pages out!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


below is a spoon swap that i am in with some great gals from australia!
i felt really honored that they asked me to join, i am not finished with them yet
but i needed to get some pictures of some kind of art up on the blog.....
the bamboo spoon has a glass hand on it that i picked up in pt townsend
last year at artfest, i got a bag of hands for a buck in the clearance basket!
i got these spoons at world market, that is one of my favorite places to shop!

okay, i know you all are probably sick of me posting pictures of miss verabelle

but come on, she is just so dare cute and here she is with her hero-biggie b!!

thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


i am back in action!! we or i should say julie bought a wireless thing-a-majig that we do not have to rely on any satellite signal or stationery modem!! and when we are driving long distances-i can use the computer in the car!!
just another picture of miss verabelle!
okay, below is a picture of one of the kittens-miller bodine
he left one day last year and never returned
well i found out what happened
my neighbor who lives 3 houses came into my office for a tweek to her glasses
and we got to talking about our pets and she said she had 2stray males that showed up within the last 2years...long story short, one is our boy miller who they now call jessie!
how excited was i!!
he is now an indoor kitty and lives large!
he sleeps between mr & mrs....
i just love that my boy is happy and healthy and just doors away and i will be visiting!
she says mommy-wilma has been seen visiting their front field!

okay that is all for now!!

over and out!


Friday, April 18, 2008

new addition

well, look at this little package that has found its way to good manor....i introduce you to vera belle... she is a 4 month old 4 pound pomeranian....she is a special needs cute as a button but deaf....yep, that's right cannot hear a thing...she is just a little thing compared to biggie, kaj, ruby and the rest of our "larger" pack but they lover her all the same...little miss vera belle jumped right in the mix and plays like the big dogs....
please help us welcome little miss into our lives.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

artfest classes

okay people..
here is my work from my 3artfest classes...
the thursday class was with nina bagley...
i really loved this class, she gave the instructions and
the class took off like rockets, we all did some beautiful
little wee books ...

laura~do you recogonize this little birdie?


next day-friday was again spent with nina bagley and we worked

on a "gatherings" book..

this heart charm with paw imprint came from a charm

that my sweet old boy~sambucca used

to wear on his collar

he has now passed-2yrs now...

and i thought it looked so nice sitting in the shell under the mica..

this is a picture of my moms mom~

she was such an important part of our lives growing up.

that was just such a great class, low keyed and lots of hands on with nina..

another cool class where everyones books turned out so beautiful!

this is my prayer box from saturdays class with susan lenart-kazmers class

i took a piece of copper and texturized it with different marks from tools that she provided, annealed it with the torch to make it softer for forming the shape, drilled holes for the joints and
added stamped words around it for more depth and finally the ribbon
i didnt add the resin word paper as i liked it as is
it reminds me of a wind sock....

i am at another art retreat this weekend, it is called artiscape and it is closed to home....
so more about that later in the week...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

out -n-about in seattle

mermaid outside fireworks in the westlake plaza -downtown seattle
the vivd colors at pikes market are just so amazing!!
look at these tulips!!
seriously on color overload!!!

isnt this fruit to die for!
i picked up some delicious oranges that were out of this world!!
man, i wish we had this type of market here in columbus!! arent those colors just so yummy!!
here is lani drinking some kind of asian concoction she picked up at the asian market..
it had these tapioca beads in the drink that looked like rabbit poo...hehe

Sunday, April 06, 2008

arfest 2008 has come & gone

well another artfest is on the books and what a great, awesome, fabulous time that i had!!!

the teachers, the students, new friends, old friends, good food and spirits, wonderful accomodations!!! it was just perfect!! myself i didnt really take alot of pictures so i will

be sharing pictures from julie, lani and ellen...hehehe

but in the meantime, here are some that i did take!

each day was started with barista julie going to the safeway and getting us all our morning coffees

the trading frenzy
the first night is the best time for trading!dinner with old friends that touch our hearts..

big daddy~tracy moore sitting on ellens and my laps!!

what a great guy he is! keeping us all on the straight and narrow!!our table at show & tell...

i will post my stuff later, i didnt display any of it, i was too tired and a little tipsy!!ellens shrine, she made in laurie mika's class

very beautiful!this face sums up the whole trip!! fun was had by all!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


here we all are at Pikes Place..
julie, me sitting on the pig, lani and ellen... 
we all made it in safely...
a little worst for the wear and a little tired
but glad to be together!!!
tomorrow on to pt townsend and