Wednesday, December 27, 2006


this is NALA, she was rescued from an animal shelter in Stark County up by Cleveland.
she lives with my daughter and is pregnant! we had no idea when we rescued her(not
that it would had made any difference) that she was, we thought she just looked like she
might had had a litter..boy, were we wrong!! she is a tiny dog, she weighs 51pounds as
of yesterday and she doesnt look this big in real lfe, she is a tiny girl and so so sweet..
she was at our home over christmas and if she had any type of aggressive it would had
shown given the 24family members running around the house mixed in with our 4dogs
on christmas day..she was angel, in fact when my daughter left for work at 6am on
christmas day, she put nala in my bedroom and she jumped up on the bed and curled up
right next to me and went to sleep for 3more hours..i love her so much, she is just SWEET!
so will keep everyone updated on the progress..dogs are pregnant for 62days-give or
take a few. so were are figuring maybe 3rd or 4th week of january we will have the puppies!


miss*R said...

ooh some little puppies for New Year - sweet :)

Beth said...

Kim....oh my gosh, I love her. She is wonderful and now puppies...oh, I can't wait to see pics of those babies.
Are you gonna adopt one of those puppies to call your own ??? I really think you should !!!
What breed or mix is the mamma ??

Laura said...

What a sweetie!!!! I want to kiss the top of her little head!!! Blessings to Nala....(like I am some kind of blessing bestowing priest or some such! Hah!! but you know what I mean!)

♥ joleen ♥ said...

wow! that IS a surprise! :D

pinar said...

she has a story..
puppies on new year..
wish I could have one.. but I am soo far away..
I would like to have a new dog.. butI am still missing pofi.. our terrier..

eb said...

hi Kim - thanks for your comment - I love your site and your banner is beautiful - xox to Nala - eb.

Anonymous said...

Made my way over from Pinar's blog.

Dogs are my passion. This one looks like a sweetie. So she is going to bless you with exciting. Hope you don't mind if I check in now and then to get an update. Sounds like she might deliver on my birthday.

Please feel free to stop by my blog.

Julie H said...

Poor darling - how can humans be so cruel! She is so lucky to have your family. I do look forward to seeing the puppies.