Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what i have been working on~

here are some things i have been working on while rehabing the knee..i am now longer using the crutches but not allowed to drive... although tomorrow morning i might sneak up to starbucks,
i havent had any coffee for 2days..damn....
anyway, sorry if this grosses anyone out but here of my stitches broke and i kinda freaked so after i calmed done, i kinda pulled at it and it didnt hurt so i just pulled the sucker out and it didnt maybe when the doctor pulls the others out it wont hurt but every time i think about it i get a stomach ache...
this is my first handmade journal that i made for a wreck this journal round robin i am in..inside pages are file folders..pretty cool, huh...
here is the link for the easy-peasy journal..
now i did a fabric spine which is not in the tutorial
i just like to always use some fabric in my journals...

a couple of paintings that i have been working on...

again thanks for all the well wishes from you all....xox

Thursday, May 21, 2009

home after surgery~

after a pit stop at starbucks, i was home from the hospital by the early afternoon and in bed...
see my latte, lol..

surgery was great but i woke up in tears worried about seeing our patients at work next week..

what the heck was that all about, i was really crying and had to pull myself together.

i have never had anything like that happen before coming out of anesthesia..weird, huh.

my nurse julie made me a light lunch and has kept me on schedule

with my meds and icing of the knee...

she did manage to slip away for a bike ride

under the guise of picking up my meds at the


she has had to rewrap my bandage several times as i keep getting out of bed to fetch things to keep me busy and of course she doesnt know where my art things are, lol..

isnt this green stuff they put on my leg fabulous, i swear i am turning into the wicked witch..

i love it on my foot..

i want to thank all my friends and family here and in facebook and in blogland

for all the well wishes, cards and flowers..

you really all mean the world to me and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

(and thats not the vicodin talking, lol)


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

surgery tomorrow

well tomorrow is the big surgery in the early am...its not really a BIG surgery..just the big day...

hey wait it is a big surgery, i will be going under anesthesia..
cannot eat anything after midnight and waiting on julie to get home from the grocery
for the supplies...having pizza for dinner with my FAV vitamin c water-orange..
it is reminiscent
of tang which i still love....
i will report back in a few days..
thank you to my sweet friends for the well wishes and phone calls..
they mean the world to me..
love you all

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


this past weekend julie, deb, kel & myself took a little road trip to presque isle in erie, pa
specifically to look for beach glass....
here are some pictures from our travels...

look at this juicy lemondrop piece of glass i found, this is an awesome find!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

upcoming surgery~

this coming thursday i will have a little outpatient surgery
on my knee to repair a torn meniscus..i had this same surgery 15yrs ago..
yikes~that road to recovery was long and drawn out..
nowadays the recovery is supposed to be short and sweet...
but ...
really ...
all i am concerned about is when i get to have my starbucks!!!

i called to check what time my surgery will be but they cannot tell me until the day before.. bs!

i warned them that i do not do well if i have to go without eating or drinking into the afternoon since i cannot eat after midnight the night before...
i am just anticipating that i will be screwed and have the surgery in the afternoon ..
late afternoon im sure......
i have no idea what i did to tear it again but it hurts like a muther!
so that is that..
have a good weekend!

Monday, May 11, 2009

reality tv~

i am not much the reality tv watcher, my mom watches multiple shows and so do several of my friends..i just dont like to have to responsible to be in front of the tv at required times during the week..well, except for this seasons "celebrity apprentice"
i love joan rivers
and knew she was going to WIN!! i get such a nervous stomach ache watching it though, it just goes into knots and as soon as its over, the ache in my tummy goes away, silly i know...
i cannot wait to watch QVC tonight and see what joan has to
say about it all.....!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday, May 03, 2009

weekend art~

last saturday, my wonderful friend sharon andrews and i went to the
AFIC show
(artistic fibers in cloth)..
well it really isnt a doll show, i should correct myself and call it a art doll retreat ..
they had a display of the various doll artists dolls which were incredible!
took my breathe away!
well there was one artist who we got to take a sneal peak into his classroom and wow was i ever blown away~~
his blog is not really representative of the wonderful art his students created ...
below is a piece that was created by one of his students-mary kochevar....
isnt it awesome!!!!
it was a great day topped off by a drive through sonic for corn dogs, tater tots and
cherry limeade~~

Friday, May 01, 2009

playing catch up......

i am in a round robin with some wonderful gals from my class at squam last september..
each of the 13gals have created their own journal for us to do individual pages in...
this is my page from eb's journal..if this painting looks a little like someone else's it is

because i was lucky to take a class with misty mawn last month and this is my first try on my own...i hope i did her well.i still have a long way to go with the painting but i am pleased...

misty is a totally awesome teacher and if you ever have the chance to take a class with her JUST DO IT!!

i adore her.....

eb hope you like..


***05/03/2009this is now finished and out the door!