Friday, December 22, 2006


le merci pour être mon ami....translation..thank you for being my friend..
i am taking some time to reflect on all the wonderful friends and new
life- long friendships that i have met and made over the past year..i really am
truly blessed and the richest woman in the world..oprah aint got nothin' on me!
you know who you are sandy, laura, jane, anne, susie, heather, dot, julieh & all my KF
faeries & all those inspiring blogs that are done the side of my blog page, i stop there
every morning and read you while i sip my starbucks, youso inspire me....
lookingforward to an art-infused new year and
meeting new friends and continuing the life-long friendships and lots of new adventures
in new cities!!! merry christmas and happy new year!!! xoxoxox


Naturegirl said...

This is such a ~*sweet image*~
You know that I love peppermint!
Wishing you ~*dear Dogfaerie*~ peace love and the Merriest Christmas!
hugs NG

ButtercupElffly said...

Whichy, YUMMY!!! Star-bucks Peppermint Mocha here I come!!!!


Laura said...

Merry Christmas Kim!!!! Thank you for such a lovely post about friendship! I am so thankful that you came into my life and in such a great and dramatic way!!! (ATC swap!) I am so glad we will be spending many more quality times together in the future!!

love you,

Julie H said...

Kim, thank you so much - it is such a joy to know you. This year has been made so much richer through blog friendships like ours.

Jane said...

Merry Christmas Kim! I am so glad we met. What fate with those ATC's huh? I think 2007 will be a great art-filled year and I am blessed to have you as my friend - You are a sweetheart! Your post makes me smile...
Love, Jane

One Crabapple said...

Dearest DogFaerie !

Merry Christmas to You and thank you for sharing yourself and your time with me over the year.

And just think ! in a few months we get to meet For Real !!!!!!!!

I have a huge hug on tap for you.

You are such a generous person with great humour and gobs of compassion .

I am so glad we have met.

Love, S.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Candy cane sweetness, Wonderful photo!

Les mots sont parfait !!
Happy New Year too!!