Wednesday, November 29, 2006

book finds~*

last friday or should i saw BLACK friday, i picked this ledger journal up from barnes & noble that i had previously ordered..this is the thank-you gift that laura of fame sent to heather of for doing her banner. when i saw it i had to order it..i had been looking for old ledgers to alter and am having trouble finding any, so this will work nicely until i happen upon some of my own...i just LOVE it!!!
thanks laura-dw

this next book i picked up at joanns last friday also at 6am sharp when they opened!
i used my 40%off coupon, i thought this might give me a little insight or nudge on my journaling phobia.....

i also picked this up at joanns last friday, i liked the different projects you can work on ..just a little more can never have enough inspiration...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


this is the top part of an old hutch where i have some collectibles, most of them are old, probably not worth much but hold sentimental value..dont they all? my collection of the bottle brush forest adorns the top part of the hutch with a little cardinal sitting on a sleigh waiting for santa...i guess i have a thing for birdies, nest and bottle brush trees amongst other things....anyhoo..the tea cup on the outside ends i bought for a swap but liked them too much to give away and the one in the middle i got from a tea swap from a cool gal in sweden who is american and married a swede...
anyhoo...i thought the other day i need to display my atcs somehow and lo and behold an idea was hatched, put them in the tea cups..brilliant i said to myself!!

this one is from a collection of tea atcs that i managed to buy off of ebay from a very talented all know and love.... all her things..xoxox

the little bird atc in the cup is one of my own designs and the shoe stamped atc is from my 3rd tuesday of the month girlfriend-shara..she does wonderful things with stamps which i am very jealous of..she does not have a blog yet, but is working on it..she just gave me this card last it!! shara is also from ohio...xoxox

this last card i won off of ebay from another one of my talented friends-paul dion. she also does not have a blog but she is a member of art chixs and she has had her work published in somerset
magazine multiple times, she is awesome!! love her stuff also xoxox..(she lives in a log cabin)
how cool is that and she is also from ohio...
love you!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

turkey weekend~

okay, i have really been super busy after the big feast and of course, i havent really made any new art..i know, i know, but i will tell you what i have been doing...friday, i got up at 4am to go shopping and be at our first stop by 5am without drinking any starbucks- until 6am when they we were on the go shopping until 230pm- went home and napped, left the house at 630pm
until 10pmish, home in bed by 1030pm..very tired...
*saturday-yesterday got at 9am, out the door to antique mall for some christmas items, found some bargains, spent $35ish dollars which included a beautiful nice holiday tablecloth with holly and red wreaths for $11-score

saturday night drove to cleveland to see our NBA basketball team-
cleveland cavaliers, the big guy on the team is #23-nicknamed king james
call his name is lebron james and he is totally awesome!! it was
so awesome, i felt like i was royality, our tickets were on the floor,
4rows behind the basket..we had our own reception area where gourmet
food and drinks of any kind were provided free!!!! yep free!! and we could
meet & greet the players, it was awesome ...pluss they had cake...yummy!!

AND the recording artist known
as USHER was 4seats diaginal from me, yep USHER, my daughter was so
jealous, heck i was jealous of myself and mad that i didnt have my camera
and my cell camera didnt really get any good ones...

on the trip home,we mad a detour to stark county dog warden headquarters to pick up a rescue that will be living with my daughter-she is a 2year old shar-pei mix. we all agreed on her name to be NALA-from the lion king..she is a frightened little angel and really needs some TLC and a good bath....we are excited to have her added to our that is what i have been up to...what have you all been doing this weekend??xoxoxo

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

happy thanksgiving~*~

i am all about tradition and ritual at holiday time~ i expect pumpkin pie heaped with cool whip, turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, corn and rolls, maybe some broccoli and the macy's day parade!

and then friday or black friday, it is shop till you drop!! i can hardly wait...
happy thanksgiving to all~*~

Sunday, November 19, 2006

holidays decoration time*

well it is that time of year to drag up all the christmas
decorations from the basement and get the house ready
for its christmas cheer! so that is what i spent yesterday
and part of today doing...we have a plant ledge that i
decorate..kinda like my own macys window in new york city.
i never know what i am doing it just sorta i hope
you enjoy it, the pictures are taken with the lights off so you
can see the little twinkle lights, but the pictures really do not
do it justice... make some holiday cheer!*!*!*!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

life goes on~*~

well, i know i have been slacking in my art, it is true, i know it..but the real underlying reason is this: my daughter has been moving her things into her new apartment( she is sharing with her best friend) this past week and now the chapter in our lives where she has been with living with me nonstop for 23yrs is now closed..she will not be coming home tonight and quite frankly i do not like it one bit..i know i know this day has been coming, but i do not have to like it, so that is that and i will move on and i have not been that nice to her this week, i guess that is how i am dealing with it, which probably isnt the right thing, but that is me and she knows through tear stained eyes, i will get through this, i always is all part of the circle of life....xox

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

catch up~*~

i have got to get in gear and get out the the art that i owe
some folks!

  • SMITH411
  • i owe her a halloween swap card.
  • sweet barbara here she is.
  • i think this is my self portrait !! hehehe

  • laura, my starbucks friend, do you see your glass is crammed
  • full of my stuff..merci beaucoup!

  • dotee , my artist friend-the above will be on its way to
  • you in
  • gratitude for the 3beautiful atcs you sent me...
  • the interesting
  • thing about this art, is the body of her is from
  • newspaper that
  • got stuck in our outdoor copper firepit, it was lying
  • there and
  • i just thought it was beautiful, i didnt know what i
  • was going to
  • do with it, but it found its way onto my art to dotee..

  • Thursday, November 09, 2006

    eye candy~

    while waiting on a friend to finish a meeting, i went to michaels, not for anything in particular, just to look..just looking usually means $50bucks later..anyway..

    i gathered these supplies and sat in the car and embellished my prada glasses.
    they already have tiny crystals on the side and i thought they needed a few more..
    so i found these swaroski crytals in lots of beautiful shades and i chose topaz to
    match the side crystals!!

    finished project!!

    Monday, November 06, 2006

    im back*~*

    i am back to reality ..ugh!! had an amazing time in rhode island, spent most of the time in newport, rhode island and it was amazing rubbing elbows with the rich and famous at their homes like doris duke, klaus von bulow and of course-the utterly amazing!! lots of nutty irishmen drinks and great seafood and lots and lots of frivilous laughter and didnt get to bed any night before 1:30am and of course the main reason for going-the fall kirks folly sale....i bought lots of jewelry and beautiful clothes and shoes...i got the mother lode... and that fabulous it...

    Wednesday, November 01, 2006


    this is my absolute favorite time of year! i will be leaving for the east coast tomorrow for a mini vacation with faerie friends and will return next daughter graduates college on sunday..yikes! in the meantime enjoy the ohio fall foliage !! xox