Tuesday, December 26, 2006

old friends~

remember my old friend, my old teddy bear from an august post....
well, i gave him to my mom and knew she would fix him.......

well, my mom gave him a new nose, stitched some holes up, gave him a brand new sweater
and added a little bracelet i made for myself years ago that she obviously kept
all these years..when i opened the package, the tear showers started, i was a mess and
touched so deeply, my mom will never know..this was the best present, thinking of it
still makes me cry and i am still a mess.....

my mom also got me this great faerie journal, it is
full of faerie business and the like.....another favorite

this blanket in the picture my daughter gave me!! it is so yummy i cannot begin to tell
you all, the yarn is so soft and the cabling is beautiful, it is like an old friend.....she got it at
marshalls..i want to wear it like a cape.......when i get presents that touch me, i want to carry
them everywhere i go....i think i really could be a bag lady or the dog bag lady at that....
anyway, my christmas was so wonderful, i want to wrap everyone up in my blankie and carry
you all around....xoxoxo


Laura said...

I am laughing sweetly and am so touched by your post! Great presents!!! What is cracking me up is imagining your wearing your blanket like a cape!! Hilarous! You could fly over here, pick me up, and off to Red Lead we could go!!! The teddy bear is Adorable! Your Mom did a bang up job!! The book looks right up your alley too!!!! Glad you had such a special Christmas!!!

lots of love! laura

Julie H said...

Oh Wow. Your Mum has done a fabulous job on your very beautiful bear.

I am so glad your Christmas was special. Hold on to it.

Naturegirl said...

Your blankie and teddy have filled your heart with JOY!I have that Fairyopolis book and it is an absoulte ~*treasure*~ it takes me away to where fairies communicate!Did you find them in the
~*back envelope!*~ hugs NG
Ps.Taloola loves me to read this special book to her!

One Crabapple said...

Dear Dog Bag Lady !

Merry Christmas ! it sounds like it was wonderful. You blankie is indeed a beauty and I can see why you would
want to wear it !!!

That time at the Spa did your bear good ! That was such a sweet story about your mom fixing it up and I know in years to come how much more special this little bear and it's transformation by her loving hands will become.

oo like your Faerie - opolis book. Wonder what it looks like inside. mmm I can just see you the day after Christmas all snuggled up with the new blankie, bear and book. How great !

Dotee said...

What a beautiful post Kim!! I LOVE how your mum has given your old teddy new life (he looks gorgeous in his new sweater). And how she attached one of your old bracelets too (how gorgeous).
The fairy book looks wonderful and I can understand you wanting to wear your blankie like a cape! (can just see you in in it).

Glad you had such a special Christmas!!!

Dotee xoxo