Thursday, December 14, 2006

black & white*

i received from
  • her newest edition of art & life..and man is in great!!!i love the trees so much that i copied the back page as my background...i had a real crapper of a day today and making this actually did make me feel better, so i hope you all approve, but i wouldnt know BECAUSE that DAMN comment thing is still broken...~@#$%^&*(++~~~*^%

    ps and s..the red is down with colored pencils, stubby thing and gamsol taught by a wonderful teacher named

    Naturegirl said...

    we are all experiencing the same frustration with Blogger/Betta..just know that we are viewing the sites important to us and in time it will all work itself out.
    Continue your creative spirit and post and don't allow a silly website system to block your energetic spirit.
    We are all here and supporting you even though the comments can't get through! Hugs NG
    Be Cool ~*Merry Merry to you*~

    Laura said...

    can you hear me?

    Laura said...

    Hey, I just got through on your comments!!! You used the GAmsol?? It looks so cool!!!!! I want to get this issue of Teesha's magazine STAT! I had fun with my mom today antiquing in Rockford, IL. But the shops were not as good as Jackson Square. Too tired to post anything tonight, but will work on it over the weekend. HOpe you are having a better night!

    love you,