Friday, September 29, 2006

happy friday~

i thought this picture screamed kickin' back and relaxing. the only thing that would make it better is to have a tab in her go granny! i am taking this great class this weekend-
happy friday to all my peeps~^*^~
peace out~*~

the bradley sisters are in town!

the girls are back in town and ready to win, take a look see at their story and let me know what you think..just another page from our family album~*~*~*~

Thursday, September 28, 2006

australian art dollies~

the girls have arrived safely from their long journey from australia..these are my dolls from my first doll swap coordinated by the lovely and talented dotee-
each one of these girls is so detailed and beautiful and unique..i just love them all..they were very tired from their journey and are sleeping safely all snuggled in their box, where they will be until i can found the perfect place to display them...thank-you again, dotee for letting me participate in such a wonderful you!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

aunt lou

here is one of my pages from the faux family album a group of very talented artists are putting together. the head faux in charge

  • LAURA,
  • has put this whole shindig together and it is a gas to see all of our faux relatives and take a peek into their past lives...

    Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    millicent devore

    this is my tip-in page for
  • Dawn
  • she is doing an altered halloween book. she has asked several women in our 3rd tuesday of the month class to do a page. this is my offering. hope she likes it!!

    do not stare at the page too long as that graduating class might put a spell on you!!!

    Monday, September 25, 2006

    back to reality*

    back to reality for i am with 4of the most nicest, down to earth, generous women on this earth(one in burn-out velvet siting in chair is the 4th)..charlotte, north carolina is one of the most friendliest, cleanest and beautiful places on earth...i was most impressed with the tress. the are so so tall and huge, like the sequoias in california..oh, i can just go on and on, but i will not..we will just leave it at- i have a really wonderful, magical weekend thanks to my kirks folly gals! they rock~^*^~

    Thursday, September 21, 2006


    this is one of my early atcs and i love the saying, i really live by it!! will be going to north carolina this weekend for a faerie event!! have a good one and be safe!!~*~*~

    Monday, September 18, 2006

    monday art~*~

    i whipped this little hanger up last night, i got a nice little package from

  • and the letter "K" envelope contained my ebay winning, it was to beautiful
    to shove in a drawer, so now it is hanging in my bedroom behind my bed, she does exquiste work, doesnt she...i used some wallpaper, safety pins, glue and cardboard and a few rhinestones and a little vintage heart that my sister gave me with my niece & nephew's pictures in them...just beautiful !!!

    these 2atcs are on their way to australia to see

  • p.s. i do not know why those show up like a bullet point??

    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    2006house of card~

    a couple of months ago, i posted the 3cards that were my enteries in the house of cards the call for ATCs were published in several trade magazines as the enteries came from all over the world..the reception for this exhibit was last night and was very nice, when i was looking for my cards, i found 2of them and the 3rd won wasnt near, so i paniced..okay, did i forget to put it in the envelope, did the owner lose it>> where the hell was it?? so i rounded the corner and there under the category award for "BEAUTY" was my card..okay my armpits started sweating immediately and my face went red and i was embarassed, i dont know why because the card is pretty, but i seriously never considered it would win anything and i still am that was my night last night and it was good one....

    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    random act of kindness*

    look at what was left on my porch...a random act of kindness or in the UK, they just call it RAK~
    beautiful notecards from mary engelbreit-you can never ever have too many notecards...
    cinnamon heart candle, bouquet of little red ribbon roses,
    wonderful sea green seed beads, little fabric box..okay how did she know that i L-O-V-E little saucers and a packet of beautiful green and jelly bellys in the most delicious flavors..these are my favs!!!!!!!!
    and what about the little ladybug stamp..darling and the most beautiful letter "k" out of vintage green seedish pearls, can you say stunning...and 4of the most darling charms-red pocketbook, green shamrock, green pear and my favorite, cup of coffee...does she know me or what??? are you dying to know who this wonderful person is???????
  • click here
  • Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    current art^*^

    the last few weeks i have been trying to tie up loose ends on all my swaps that i had managed to get myself between trips to the post office, michaels and joanns, i have been pretty busy after work and weekends...i am really liking this beading thing i got going, now mind you it aint nothing fancy but i am quite proud of myself..the doll form & face i bought from
  • and added the beading and hair. i think she is gorgeous.. the journals are part of a package i am sending to

  • for her art auction November 5th thru november 15thalong with some other things i happen to get finished..please stop by her site and mark on your calenders for her art auction..all money goes directly to the animals...she is a good egg!

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    *she-ra, princess of power*

    these are my warrior bracelets that i wear every day, all day, 24-7...i have been wearing some variation of bracelets for at least 20years, they are all sterling silver and from all over the United States. some were gifts, most i bought and there are a few i actually made...yep, i used to be heavy in jewelry making back in the day, when my daughter was a wee child...i love creating jewelry, hey, i just love to be daughter always told me she knew where i was in a store becasue she could her the tingling of my bracelets....they love me at airports!! i always get the wand treatment......~*~*~

    Monday, September 11, 2006


    The Pledge of Allegiance
    I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America

    and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible,
    with liberty and justice for all....

    Sunday, September 10, 2006

    dog tails~

    these are the "danes" plus chance marie....she is always in the business...
    kaj is our 5yr old , black & white harelquin great dane.
    ruby jasmine our is 1 & 1/2yr old merle great dane.
    zeus is a 3yr old black great dane...zeus is a rescue that we took from a family that had kept him caged since he was a puppy meaning for 2yrs, he lived in a cage not including the potty breaks outside..he is much much smaller than kaj our male as you can see and smaller than ruby..his new family is on vacation and we are babysitting him..his new family adores him and he has the run of their 5acres and the run of the house and never is in a cage and sleeps with their teenage daughter..he is living large and rightly he should!!! he fits in fine just like he has always been here...~*~*~

    Friday, September 08, 2006

    baby girl~

    this is my baby girl-heather, that i spent most of the morning and afternoon with yesterday in the ER...she called me from her internship at the vet clinic and said she was having horrible stomach pain..i told her to try and deal with and call me back in a couple of hours..she had also been throwing up. so, half hour later she calls me hysterically crying saying it hurts, so i asked her if she could drive to the ER and i will meet you there and she said yes, she couldnt really drive as i got a call not 15minutes laters saying she felt like she was going to pass out and cannot drive, so i picked her up at a gas station and on to the ER we long story short, she has kidney stones and she still hasnt passed that first one is a horrible thing being a parent whether it is with your child or animal when you cannot help their pain..i hate it ..she will always be my baby no matter how old she is...okay have to stop as the tears are starting...~*~*~

    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    beading 101*

    i did these two pins, one last night and the other one tonight while i was at a bike race..i think they are pretty good for a no experience beginning beader...they are for two swaps i got myself into -a face pin swap and a chocolate two snaps and a clap for me!*!*!*! i kinda like this beading thing..


    well, it is official, i am going to
  • ARTFEST2007
  • located in port townsend, may ask what is artfest-it is a gathering of some of the most popular and creative artists that share their knowledge and provide classes for us to take, their is also trading of trinkets, vendors, after hours work in the art asylum and much much is just such a postive environment for artists of any caliber to attend and be a part of..i can hardly stand it..i am hoping(with fingers crossed and anything else i can cross)) for taking classes by
  • i just adore her jewelry and her use of nature elements..just beautiful!
    the whole weekend is put on by
  • and
  • -artists in themselves!!
    the dog picture if from teesha's website and is a print you can purchase. i do not have the art brochure for artfest2007 and her work is the next best thing, she does awesome collage work.. so for better explaination of artfest, check out the links...~*~*~

    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    monday night campfire^*^

    these are pictures from our campfire monday night~i love the smell of campfire, hotdogs cooked on the campfire and the best thing-marshmallows!! yummy...the last picture is one of our cats- miller, he is sleeping hanging off ...silly kitty, he must have slept for at least an hour on my lap, he is a lover that boy!!

    Monday, September 04, 2006

    postcart to a friend*

    this is a postcard that i sent early in the summer to
  • ART TEA LIFE, i just love how she turned out, i just took a regular postcard from the postal office and re-did the back...she flew in no time to my dear friend! i think she is appropriate, since this is really the last weekend of the summer, so it is time to have a nice cup of tea and reflect.. i have met alot of really nice, sweet people this past summer from my blogs really warms my heart, so before i short out the keyboard with tears, i will end on this with a quote from unknown: True friendship is seen through the heart not through the eyes...xoxox

  • Sunday, September 03, 2006

    marigold*nature spirit~

    when i shared the photos of the dolls that i made for the doll swap,
  • made a comment that i should make a taloola-her nature girl, so i thought yeah, that would be nice to make for her, so last night i made marigold and i think she respresents her name..i gave her some roots and added glass leaves in her hair and gave her a flower for a hat...i am sure she will love her new home in Canada...~*~*~*~

    Saturday, September 02, 2006

    rainy day crafts*

    today is a chilly, constant drizzle of rain, dreay and the perfect weather for the season's first bowl of my homemade chili, which is cooking in the crockpot as we speak..and the best kind of afternoon for crafting...i recently bought a little notebook from
  • heather

  • and thought it was so sweet and cute that i wanted to try my hand at a few...the above are the fruits of my work...i think they are darling and several have homes already...i think i know what some people are getting for christmas this year...thank-you for the wonderful inspiration- heather, your work is beautiful!!
    ~*~*~*~now for some chili...yummy in the tummy~*~*~*~