Monday, April 30, 2007


okay, i know that i have been a slacker and havent been good about my daily blogging, but i promise that this month of may that i will..i have been working on getting my trades together for artiscape, which is a mini artfest that starts this thursday and i have to be at work by 5AM on thursday, gawd i will have to take a nap before i venture to the thursday night activities, YIKES!!!! anyway, i will post my trades and take flight item for auction..we were given with our registration packets 2sizes of metal butterflies to incorporate into our art somehow and then they are put up for silent auction which is a blast, i ended up with 3nice pieces of art last year that i won bids on and all the money went to charity..anyway, i will leave you with the below picture of me on the set of QVC in the fairy godmothers chair wearing my kirks folly finest from my faerie weekend......


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

back to the daily grind...

how appropriate my title is...why, you may ask?? well, those close to me know that our company was bought out last year and we knew that layoffs were coming, little did i know that i would be one of those being laid off, it wasnt pretty and still isnt at the old workplace, in fact it is a believing that everything happens for a reason, i decided that instead of going out and getting a boring desk job doing what i had been doing, i would do what i want to do...and what is that??? WORKING AT MY FAVORITE COFFEE JOINT~STARBUCKS....
yep, today i was up at 5am, didnt like that part but once i got there it went fast, i learned the drive-through..the people at my starbucks are all very cool and the manager is a good friend, in fact she was the original owner of our great i am working around 20ish hours a week and the pay isnt that great but i do have benefits and all the STARBUCKS i want!!!!! and there isnt that corporate bullshit to put up with like most companies.....


okay this is a card, i made for my friend-kathleen whose birthday was last friday, she loves ravens, but the funny part is that the image of the ballerina is a picture of julie when she was taking ballet..isnt that a great picture of her!!!

she is going to kill me...hehehehe

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

faerie time

i know i have been a bad girl and ever since ive been back from artfest, i have been in a funk, not wanting to do anything, , i have been working on my charm swaps and getting reading for my mini artfest called artiscape the first weekend of may...
i am leaving bright & early thursday morning to meet my faerie friends in west chester, those of you that know me know that i love kirks folly jewelry line and we travel to rhode island several times a year with the faeries in tow for all their events..well, this weekend, friday to be exact, QVC is having their 15th anniversary of kirks folly jewelry line, so they are having a live show at 10am this friday-april tune in, you might see me in all my glory and my tiara which i always am wearing when us faeries get together!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

charm necklace

my next mini arfest is in my home state of ohio and it is called artiscape. i am making charms for a charm swap there and for my trades, so i made a charm necklace ala
  • from her wonderful instructions from her simply charming blog..she is awesome!
    check out for details on artfest, it is much fun!!

    below is a recent picture of my daughter's pup-raven, right before she went to her new home on thursday night, she has a big sister named roxie, she is a 7yr old black lab..raven is doing great and gets to sleep in her new mom's bed...


    Thursday, April 05, 2007

    charm trades~

    here are some pictures of my charm trades and wow! they are awesome!!
    i am so lucky to have been able to go to artfest, my first artfest, i met some wonderful people that will be lifelong friends and i saw the beauty of nature at its finest!! i saw a bald eagle sitting on a totally cool was that!! i have so much in my heart to spill out on my blog but will take time to decompress..but just know this, if you have the chance to attend the nike commercial....just do it!!!

    charms yet to be attached...

    Tuesday, April 03, 2007

    more artfest photos the first day....

    ending the first night at artfest at the public house with good friends...xoxo

    view from seats at teacher night...

    me and ellen...
    julie, lani and cindy at meet the teacher night...

    more trading going on....
    more trading frenzy!

    trade frenzy!!!

    dinner bell!

    maija, andra, lani and ellen

    on the ferry with artfesters!!!

    first class at artfest-blackbird tea cozy

    my first class was "the blackbird tea cozy with nina bagley! and what a delight my friend-nina is.. i adore her and the class was fun and light and was the perfect class for the first day....
    below are a few pictures from the class...the last 4pictures are my tea cozy-all 4sides

    Monday, April 02, 2007

    back to reality

    i am back from arfest2007 and am still trying to process everything... the people were amazing and friendly and the teachers were & tell proved that were are all great artists
    and can create amazing art!! but the trades were worth their weight in gold!!! this is my artfest charm necklace with many of the charm trades i received and what is even more amazing is that this isnt even all my trades...more later...xoxox~