Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This is a picture of one of my dogs Chance Marie-she is always down here in my "studio" area with me..That is her rugh she picked out from target..She has good taste most of the time...She is sweet and a rescue...We have had her for 5yrs...The tiara picture is me at pre happy hour w/the forum faeries of Kirks Folly..Later that evening we were joined by the Fairy Godmother-Jenniefer& her sister-Helen..Such wonderful people!! Everything is from the heart with them..It was quite the magical weekend and everyone should be so lucky to have one of those in a lifetime!!!

This ATC is one of my favorites and was a quick one to do! I didn have to think to hard for a cute little message, it just came to me in a wink! I do not know why this has changed to italic print and I do not know how to fix it...This blog stuff is a lot of work..I really need to hire soemone to do it for me..Right, like that would ever happen, but then you never know! My BABA(polish for grandma) would always say-"NEVER SAY NEVER" .She was always right and had a sixth sense to her, so does my mom, my sister -Jody and her daughter-Olivia......Okay, that is enough chit chat....Bye for now!!!!*^*^*^*^