Saturday, June 24, 2006


wasnt going to have anything today to post, but julie fixed that wagon! as you can see from the pictures we have a visitor to our property..julie was mowing the lawn and she came upon this turtle, she thought it was just a rock in the mowing are probably wondering how he got there, well- we are confident he showed up courtesy of the rain storm on thursday evening!! so tomorrow if he is still there we will try and transport him to the ohio wildlife is about 20minutes away..he looks like he has some damage to his shell towards the center..they will fix him up and release him when he is ready...the problem will be how to get him into the car..if you have ever tried to move a snapping turtle then you know what i am talking think his little head cannot come out far-you are dead wrong...their necks can stretch pretty far and you do not want to be on the receiving end of that business!!! his toenails are really long too, like a bear claw -seriously!!what is even more freaky is his tail, it is very dinosaur-like and very prehistoric looking...i guess i never thought to really look a turtle over...but he is quite magnificent looking...i am glad he stopped by as he must have knowm we would take good care of hi...i hope the cats steer clear of him!!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~


One Crabapple said...

Wow I have never seen a turtle quite like this one !

That long tail !

he (or she ???) is lucky he came to your garden

YOu always take good care of animals

My Gram had a desert turtle - Twinkle Toes.

I remember feeding him banana and he loved it !

Are you brave enough to try it ?

What a shock it must have been for Juli to find not a rock but a Snapper !

Laura said...

I hope that you can transport the lovely turtle to safety and happiness!!!

On another note.....I am totally in love with the story you told on my blog for that picture!! It is priceless!!! I think it was extremely clever!!! Thank you!!

Rosa said...

I've never seen one with a tail! Ew!!!