Wednesday, June 28, 2006

~ankle art~

when i add my pictures i never know how the words or pictures will show....anyway, i was hard pressed to blog today. i really didnt have any pictures ready or anything else to add..but lo and behold! i found these wonders, lol lurking around wanting to be shown...these are a few of my tattoos..i love them daughter and i got the ladybug tattoo on the same day as a mom-daughter thing..i like the way her ladybug looks better than mine...2 different artists in the same parlor same ladybug design but yet different..i am big on the sun theme as your can tell, have another one one my back with my daughter's name floating in the clouds...most of the designs that i have are all done by shawn j....he doesnt do ink anymore which is a shame because he is awesome artist....i know everyone says how are you going to feel about those when you are really old??? you know, i dont really think about that, i love to get inked and i love the hunt of the perfect design that i can carry around with me forever...i remember getting each of my designs and it is like a look into the past when i think about my various tattoos and where i was in my life, where i lived and what was i doing at that time...i love all mine and cannot wait until i get my next one!


JJ1 said...

What is on the drawing board for you next one???

One Crabapple said...

yEH !

What kind of tat do you want next ?

...glad to see you are shaving again....

phhhhtttt !

(((inside joke! )))))

Naturegirl said...

Well ok tatoos on your feet and ankles won't sag as you age but be wary of other places!! Nothing worse than a saggy tatoo! I can't believe I just said that!! I loved your turtle post! Now don't run out and get a turtle tatoo!!! Thanks for visiting while I was away.

mo said...

Hi! I am your pink partner for the swap so I thought I would stop by. I think your tatoos are great- I considered tatoos but the whole pain thing really got in the way! My Mom and Granny celebrated their 60th and 80th birthdays by getting matching tatoos. My daughter and I went with them so it was fun to have all those generations of us girls together while they squealed in pain. They got red hearts on their bums. I will be lurking about to get ideas for your package!