Sunday, June 18, 2006

kitty 911~

this is miller bodine~our boy kitten..he is 1yr old but we still call him and his sister kittens..anyway, we had to take miller to our vet last night at 9:30pm as his paw was injured and he was limpping, his paw looked like a flip-flop..our vets are always on call(for a fee) but they are still cheaper than the ER animal hospitals and they know our pets...anyway, what we think happened was friday night we got home from some friend's home around 12:30am and julie went to the barn to let dakota out and dakota was on the outside wall of the barn growling and her hair was up on her back, then all you could her was a cat crying..julie ran out and tried to call him, but he was nowhere to be found and didnt show up until last looks like either a raccon or possum clawed his front left paw down to the muscle/bone area..there is no fur protecting that now and he might be losing one of his toes..but the cool thing about miller is he let us look at it and didnt cry, let the vet look him over and didnt mind a, he is keeping him at the vet hospital, last night he wanted to give him some antibiotics, numb it so he can look around in it and make sure that nothing is they are to call on monday to let us know what is going on.. will keep you informed..his sister~lily has been missing for about 3days, i know it is normal for cats to do that but i still worry, she is very impressionable and i dont want her running with the wrong crowd!!!


Naturegirl said...

Oh my I hate hearing injury stories to pets!! I know we are all different ..I keep my felines indoors however Paisley who I have photographed in the garden does come out with me when I am
tending the garden.(P.S.)Re: roses yes
1/2 cup salts per rose plant>>oops I noticed I neglected the "cup" in my rose post. So happy that your kitty in care of vet!! :)

One Crabapple said...

WHERE IS LILLY ??????????

dogfaeriex5 said...

lily and her mom-wilma, have been gone since thursday night,wilma finally showed up last night and looks like she had a run-in with some weeds or stalks of something as her third eyelid will not retrack..gross, i know..her one eye kinda looks marilyn mansonish...she already is heather has been using re-wetting drops on her to hopefully lubricate it so it will go back to normal, if not she will be going to the vet when we pick miller up in a few days....~*~*~*