Monday, June 12, 2006

"birthday girl"

today is the birthdate of my daughter-Heather.
she is 23yrs old today and she says she is old..she doesnt know what old is-i tell her all the time..she is a beautiful free-spirited and hard-headed girl! just like her mother..she has a great love for her nana and her grumpy pa and loves to help others who are less fortunate than her! her heart is as big as whale when it comes to animals especially dogs and cats...thus the reason we have 5dogs & 3cats....she loves to sleep and when she isnt talking on the phone , she can be found curled up in her bed with one or more of the dogs along side her. she is my ray of sunshine and breath of fresh air and thorn in my side all wrapped into one... i know someday she will be out on her own and i will worry like the dickens about her, so while she is still under my roof, i watch her like a mother hawk~so she doesnt have to experience the harshness of the world...i know she will do fine, that sweet child of mine~*~*~*~happy bithday, my baby girl!*!*!


Heather said...

Hi Hon! Can you email with your addy for the aqua/ brown swap??
heatherbluhm at yahoo dot com

Hey said...

I still have a hard time believing you have a 23 year-old daughter. As you said, you too, are a free-spirit. And you are so young and beautiful...both inside and out. Over the years I have marveled your relationship with your daughter... It must be such a blessing to be able to have such a bond. :)

Naturegirl said...

Ah yes and soon she will meet her soulmate and marry and then she'll be 35! All the time remaining the sweet wonderful caring sprit we love.Your daughter sounds like mine who yes has flew from my nest but returns always for visits. I remember when she just wanted to turn 21 and now look at her!
Happy B.Day to your daughter and Thank you for your lovely comment in my site!My pond area is that place which centres me as you saw.

hboehm said...

ok so im crying in the computer lab about what you wrote....i am old! to whoever wants to read this my mom is the best person in the world, i may do some pretty messed up things and she still is there loving me.....i wouldnt change her for the world. i always threaten that i am gonna move out but im not going anywhere for awhile. i love you mom more than you know