Monday, June 19, 2006

~pink art~

well, here she is in all her grandeur...not sure if i like her or not..but it is my offering for the "pink tag" from / i think arttealife needs to host a swap..she is quite good at finding the coolest things, i think that i would like her to have my name in a swap!
i will have to check out the others art who were also tagged "pink"...miller update~he is healing nicely, but havent exactly talked to the vet personally..they did say he needs to be contained for 7days, thus the reason he will be staying at the animal hospital in the kitty condo with a view..heal on, miller, heal on.......xox~k
UPDATE ON MILLER~he will be coming home thursday evening minus one toe...
doctor doesnt seem to think he will even miss it.. vet staff do not want him to leave,
they say he is a lover boy and that he is!~


Naturegirl said...

Good job on your "Pink" I love it!! Oh those wings!! So pleased to hear Miller is getting's a little scratch for under his chin..purzz

One Crabapple said...

I will take tea from THIS Tea Fairy !

YOu bet !

and where do I get a cup like THAT ???

BEautiful , beautiful !

I will take two of whatever that is over on the wait ! better make that THREE please !

Thanks for playing PINK with me.

(and I am sorry about the post missing - I really did come here the first day and make a comment! ?....trolls.... gremlins....?)