Sunday, June 11, 2006

kaj's birthday!

today is a special day, it is kaj's birthday! he is 5years old...
he is our male harlequin-merle great dane..we havent had for all of those 5years, just about 2..he is a sweet boy. the only male in the house. he is very stoic and loves to watch things..when we have the plummer out -kaj followed him around like he was his apprentice. it is very funny to watch..he is a big 'fraidy cat of unsuspecting noises. when he hears something he doesnt like, he high tails it upstairs in the the master bathroom...he doesnt like to walk on anything no carpeted...when he does have to walk on noncarpeted surfaces he is very very slow like he is walking on eggshells...he is a leaner and will gladly sit his rump on you for a short sit. loves to hoave his ears rub and loves a good massage..when he is really tired and you try to talk to him or pet him , he makes these lurch-type noises, you know lurch from the "addams family sitcom"..they sound just like him!we are very greatful to have kaj and love him to death..he is a joy to have around this old man...


One Crabapple said...

Happy Birthday to Kaj the Observer and Fraidy Cat!

I like SpongeBob too ! I can just imagine sitting in front of the TV with Kaj at my side while we watch Sponge Bob and Squidward...I bet he makes a nice partner to have around.

How fun to have a dog party ! I have never had one or been invited TO one. They must be fun.

I see you have so many new links for me to explore ! what a treat ! I will dive in this afternoon w/ my cup of tea.

and I like the moon phase tag you have tonight is a Full Moon.......hmmmm! ?

What will that stir up ?

Birthday Dog kisses to you and Kaj.
Love, S.

JJ1 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAJ!! -- sorry you could not come to Sunday's party but we couldn't Chance to sign your permission slip :)

Naturegirl said...

I have always found the great dane a "very special" dog . I worked at the SPCA as a volunteer for years and saw first hand how gentle spirited these giants really are.(I won't tell you the details of how he arrived at the shelter) however he did get the love he deserved with us and eventually a good home!:) Happy B. Day Kaj! woof