Saturday, June 10, 2006

"altered book opening"

today was the "OPENING" of the exhibit for the altered books. the reason for going was because my book made the exhibit. the altered book exhibit was very nice and there was a reception from 2 to 4 this afternoon..the artists received the poster..which i was thrilled because my book is the first book on the top was cool, i felt like i made it to the "big top". the other books were very interesting in their themes or lack of.. colors, textures, pop-outs, lots of different things that i never thought of.... i wanted to go home and immediately try out the techniques i saw...i didnt instead i took a nap..ha ha...i was tired ...back to the exhibit...i found out about this little place through a fellow artist at a scrapbooking store i frequent. they have a group meeting every 3rd tuesday of the month and we learn new techniques, trade ATCS and just talk about anything and everything...i love it and really look forward to it each month! last month, i went to a community garage sale and bought some really old books in super great condition that i will use to altered. all shapes & sizes, i have many techniques i need to try..what i really would like o find is an old ledger book, you know the giant ones that accountants used to use with the pages all cool would that be!!!!
all in all i feel proud that my book was good enough to be considered for this exhibit!!


One Crabapple said...

Wow Kim ! this is awesome !

Congratulations !!!

Your first exhibit AND soon to be published in the Quilting ARTS 1000 ATC's book !

You are like a movie star !

The book looks wonderful. I have clicked on each picture you have here and enlarged to get better looks at all of your beautiful work.

this group sounds so fun ! I wish I had a group to go to and learn from and with. Share some ideas here on your blog ? I will be checking in to see.

I bet you were buzzing with inspiration and creativity when you got home ! Yes , I can see why you needed a nap ! Studying all of the artwork and your mind clicking away with ideas....can wear a person out !

Hope you have recovered and are in the basement studio (Kaj at your feet) doing some wonderful new art right now !

More pictures of art work by Kim PLEASE !!!
Love, S.

One Crabapple said...

p.s. !!!

I will keep an eye out for a large ledger book for you to use !


JJ1 said...

The opening was great...what a thrill to be there with an "exhibitor" -- we really got the royal treatment -- even amongst all that talent your creation stood out and was noticed -- this is just the beginning and I think your new "studio" will be the home to many many more creations in the future.**58**

Hey said...

Kim! I didn't know about this... That's great! I'm really not surprised, sounds VERY cool.