Wednesday, June 14, 2006

~grey color day~

tell me this picture is not cute...these are 2 of the donkeys my friends is a pregnant female and the other is her mate..they are sicilian minature donkeys. the legend is that these donkeys carried the pregnant virgin mary-thus the reason for the black cross across their shoulder blades and down their back...they are so beautiful and i can watch them for hours..the strange thing about them is i keep waiting on them to know like the donkey in the movie "SHREK"..i expect their voice to sound just like eddie murphy, seriously , i do!!! anyway, thought this would be a great picture for grey day!!~**~*~*~*~**~


One Crabapple said...

Grey day indeed !

These are such pretty little donkies.

Definitely brightening my day!

****I am in love ****

vicci said...

The donkies are sooooo cute!

Living Part Deux said...

It's a darling picture. I'd like to hold them on my lap - but that probably wouldn't work. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for coming to my blog. It always amazes me when people happen by, but it is with delight. Wish I could offer you coffee.

boliyou said...

what a sweet photo!

Nicole said...

The photo is adorable... so sweet. Thank you ever so much for sharing. Do you like photography or just click when necessary? xox