Sunday, June 25, 2006

good sunday morning or afternoon to all!!! it is 1:15pm in ohio and yes i am still in my pjs-well really my nightshirt and sweatpants drinking my iced nonfat latte from you like my hat?? i just received it from kirks folly. it is the dreamkeeper hatter chapeau, but i call it my mad hatter know like in alice in wonderland..i love hats! i added my little touch of the the lilac fairy pin to the hat of course!! i am just putzing around..we have a high school graduation party at 4:00pm, so i figure it was safe to in the relax mode until it was time to go....~*~*~update on the animals-1)turtle is safe, later last night, he was seen walking to the neighbors pond..i totally forgot that most of our surrounding neighbors have big ponds..julie followed him and she said he was moving at a good clip..i saw him later that night sticking his head out of the, he must be okay..i hope the neighbor knows he has a big snapper in the pond!!! 2)miller the cat-picked him up friday after work, he does not like to ride in the car..couldnt get out of the car fast enough to run..later that night he was chasing some kildeer birds that stopped by..i had to go out and have a talk with him about that!!! he still is on an antibiotic but you would never know from his energy that he was hurt!! which is a good thing...he has stitches in his paw that will come out on wednesday..heather will take those is a good thing also that she knows how to do that kind of stuff!! 3)sadly- still no lily..~*~*~*~
it is sunny and warm, possible thunderstorms later tonight...maybe i wil get lucky and not have to water the plants again!!! have a great day!!!


One Crabapple said...

Cute !

Adorable in fact !

Love the hat !

Hey...we must have finally got some of your weird weather here...dying in this humidity.

My hair has gone completely nutz.

I need that hat !

Still keeping my hopes up and sending Good Thoughts that little Lily will return....

Any action from flyers / posters ?

kansasrose said...

I LOVE this hat! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Angry Onions burgers ROCK! :)