Thursday, September 14, 2006

random act of kindness*

look at what was left on my porch...a random act of kindness or in the UK, they just call it RAK~
beautiful notecards from mary engelbreit-you can never ever have too many notecards...
cinnamon heart candle, bouquet of little red ribbon roses,
wonderful sea green seed beads, little fabric box..okay how did she know that i L-O-V-E little saucers and a packet of beautiful green and jelly bellys in the most delicious flavors..these are my favs!!!!!!!!
and what about the little ladybug stamp..darling and the most beautiful letter "k" out of vintage green seedish pearls, can you say stunning...and 4of the most darling charms-red pocketbook, green shamrock, green pear and my favorite, cup of coffee...does she know me or what??? are you dying to know who this wonderful person is???????
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    pinar said...

    isn't this lovely.. such a beautiful assorment of beautiful things.. is she a relative to Saint Nicholas.. Sandy??

    Laura said...

    How fun!!!!! I was loving looking at all your goodies, and then when I clicked and saw who it was from I smiled so hard my face almost cracked!!! How sweet!!! I love happy little stories like this!!!! Yippee!

    One Crabapple said...

    Wow you got some goodies !

    heh heh heh....

    Thank you for all the nice things you have done for me !


    Julie H said...

    What an absolutel gorgeous parcel of goodies. It is all so personal and each little piece a treat in itself.

    I have not met either of you, but you have both been so generous in your comments on my blog, that I am sure that you deserved the goodies Kim and it is so in character for Sandy to spoil you.

    Have a happy day!

    Dotee said...

    What a beautiful act of kindness from a beautiful woman!
    Thoughtful presents for a special person.

    Love it when I see gifts like this.

    Kim - you deserve these gifts. And, Sandy - you are a sweetheart.


    Naturegirl said...

    Green acts as a balance to our whole system it represents balance and peace.When mixed with red it is the color of growth and promotes healing and tranquillity. A perfect gift for a creative such as yourself! You are deserving!

    One Crabapple said...

    p.s. those roses of yours are stunning