Monday, September 18, 2006

monday art~*~

i whipped this little hanger up last night, i got a nice little package from

  • and the letter "K" envelope contained my ebay winning, it was to beautiful
    to shove in a drawer, so now it is hanging in my bedroom behind my bed, she does exquiste work, doesnt she...i used some wallpaper, safety pins, glue and cardboard and a few rhinestones and a little vintage heart that my sister gave me with my niece & nephew's pictures in them...just beautiful !!!

    these 2atcs are on their way to australia to see

  • p.s. i do not know why those show up like a bullet point??


    Julie H said...

    I am so excited!!! Looking forward to seeing these in real life. Also looking forward to seeing which dolly Dot sent me from our swap.

    Have a great day!

    pinar said...

    these are all so nice..
    art can be so differentiating..
    tou can look at something and whom it is done.. it expresses our personality..
    not mine though.. I am such a monkey like crafter.. I try to do all kinds.. and never specifies in one .. butI hope one day..

    One Crabapple said...

    Actually I think the bullet is kool

    oh Kim ! you made that little envelope look way more than it is. It is your special touches taht even make it look like anything !

    I only rubberstamped some stuff on the envie ! and I didn't even get a good print !

    Jeez you are easy to please ! (xxx)

    AS for your cards they are wonderful. I liked the little red baby best but who can really decide between the two.

    I like Julie !
    I am glad she is getting them.
    Lucky Girl.

    me too. Lucky to know you. Thank you.

    miss*R said...

    I love the inner voice one! they are all great but that is my favourite ;)

    Naturegirl said...

    Let out your inner voice that one speaks to me!

    ♥ joleen ♥ said...

    re: fatbooks! i have to email the group- sorry for the bad communication! ack. i have been working a lot and not home to finish them up. i'm sending a bunch this weekend and hope to send them all out in the next week. i'll send yours out with the first bunch! xo