Monday, September 04, 2006

postcart to a friend*

this is a postcard that i sent early in the summer to
  • ART TEA LIFE, i just love how she turned out, i just took a regular postcard from the postal office and re-did the back...she flew in no time to my dear friend! i think she is appropriate, since this is really the last weekend of the summer, so it is time to have a nice cup of tea and reflect.. i have met alot of really nice, sweet people this past summer from my blogs really warms my heart, so before i short out the keyboard with tears, i will end on this with a quote from unknown: True friendship is seen through the heart not through the eyes...xoxox


    miss*R said...

    This is a gorgeous card - love it! I know what you mean about friends & blogging - many have touched my heart. Through my bad times especially - so many of you have emailed me in support and got me through those days. xoxoxo
    we are indeed blessed

    Dotee said...

    Kim - this card is beautiful. Love how you have incorporated a Zetti image into it!!! And how perfect this is for our friend Sandy.

    You are such a sweetheert and I agree with you and Robyn. Blogging has opened up my world to so many lovely people. Including your special self. I love that quote.

    Blessings to you

    Dotee xoxo

    One Crabapple said...

    ohhh I LOVE this POstcard You Know

    I am Lucky to have it

    I loooove it.

    Thank you again.

    Julie H said...

    Wow! It is gorgeous, the blue/ochre colour combination really drew my eye in. You are one talented lady!!

    Holly Stinnett said...

    This is adorable - I love anything with that gorgeous face, but you've really given her a great personality here!