Wednesday, September 06, 2006

beading 101*

i did these two pins, one last night and the other one tonight while i was at a bike race..i think they are pretty good for a no experience beginning beader...they are for two swaps i got myself into -a face pin swap and a chocolate two snaps and a clap for me!*!*!*! i kinda like this beading thing..


pinar said...

these are beautiful.. I love the half closed eyes of the sleepy one..and the other's colour..
Ilike beading as well.. but at nights.. congrats to you.. I would never be able to see the holes =))

Dotee said...

Kim - you are really good at beading! Love these two.

The ladies you are swapping with will love them too!!

Beading is fun, and addictive too : As I have found out he heh..

Laura said...

Two snaps and a clap!!!! That is so funny!!!!! I think these are beautiful! I got that magazine last night!! The necklace idea sounds really cool, only one problem I have no earthly idea how to do such......we will have to talk when I get back from Valley Ridge!

One Crabapple said...

I enlarged your picture and WOW these are GREAT

Beginner ?

YOu look like a pro to me.

Beading is ADDICTIVE !

Clappin and SNappin for ya.


Sweet Petunia said...

Oh...I love the beadwork.

Mamarox said...

Simple lovely. It certainly does not look like beginner work to me. i am so glad you are playing.