Sunday, September 03, 2006

marigold*nature spirit~

when i shared the photos of the dolls that i made for the doll swap,
  • made a comment that i should make a taloola-her nature girl, so i thought yeah, that would be nice to make for her, so last night i made marigold and i think she respresents her name..i gave her some roots and added glass leaves in her hair and gave her a flower for a hat...i am sure she will love her new home in Canada...~*~*~*~


    Naturegirl said...

    OMG what a SURPRISE! I am so touched by your kind giving spirit!THANK YOU so very much! Talloola will
    have a special place in our home!I shall cherish her! You are truly gifted and so generous!!

    "It's the little things that mean so much..
    a friendly smile, a comfortable touch..
    a card, a call, a thoughtful deed..
    a helping hand in time of need..
    it's the little acts of sharing, giving..
    that add such joy to daily living!"

    You brought me GREAT JOY today with your gift! Thank You once again! :)

    Daisy Lupin said...

    Your nature spirit is just so lovely, you have made some really lovely dolls.

    Daisy Lupin said...

    PS Meant to say I am having a look around suppliers in England for letters, thank you for kindly saying you could get some for me, but I reckon there must be some one over here that makes these things. Will let you know how I get on.

    Dotee said...

    Kim - I LOVE the art doll you have made for Naturegirl!!! What a lovely, thoughtful thing to do.

    She is beautiful, love her hair. And Marigold is the perfect name for her.

    You are very good at these art dolls. Methinks you might have got the art dollie ' bug' *grin*

    What a sweetheart you are!

    One Crabapple said...

    It is not surprising to hear that you have done something so nice.

    You do so many nice things.

    And your doll is beautiful and sweet.

    Like You

    silverlight said...

    I like your Marigold.
    I make dolls too. Also, collect. I'm glad I found your blog.

    miss*R said...

    I love this & I agree -you are a thoughtful soul - blessings to you xo

    Julie H said...

    What a fabulous doll - lots of personality, and those Autumn tones are just gorgeous.