Wednesday, September 13, 2006

current art^*^

the last few weeks i have been trying to tie up loose ends on all my swaps that i had managed to get myself between trips to the post office, michaels and joanns, i have been pretty busy after work and weekends...i am really liking this beading thing i got going, now mind you it aint nothing fancy but i am quite proud of myself..the doll form & face i bought from
  • and added the beading and hair. i think she is gorgeous.. the journals are part of a package i am sending to

  • for her art auction November 5th thru november 15thalong with some other things i happen to get finished..please stop by her site and mark on your calenders for her art auction..all money goes directly to the animals...she is a good egg!


    Dawn said...

    I love the trail notes! Those boots kick butt *grin* Tell me, how DO we fit in all the ordinary things we are supposed to do each day, with all this art we just HAVE to make?! *grin*

    pinar said...

    I like them all .. especially the one with the dogs..
    aren't these animals beautiful..

    Julie H said...

    Hi Kim

    I really do like all of these, but those beaded pieces are particularly wonderful. Not sure whether to laugh at the red dolly or offer it a hug. Is it a pin?

    ps. How is your daughter now?

    ButtercupElffly said...

    You just amaze me..

    Kings to you whichy