Wednesday, September 06, 2006


well, it is official, i am going to
  • ARTFEST2007
  • located in port townsend, may ask what is artfest-it is a gathering of some of the most popular and creative artists that share their knowledge and provide classes for us to take, their is also trading of trinkets, vendors, after hours work in the art asylum and much much is just such a postive environment for artists of any caliber to attend and be a part of..i can hardly stand it..i am hoping(with fingers crossed and anything else i can cross)) for taking classes by
  • i just adore her jewelry and her use of nature elements..just beautiful!
    the whole weekend is put on by
  • and
  • -artists in themselves!!
    the dog picture if from teesha's website and is a print you can purchase. i do not have the art brochure for artfest2007 and her work is the next best thing, she does awesome collage work.. so for better explaination of artfest, check out the links...~*~*~


    Laura said...

    This morning I was daydreaming about going with you.......I am going to read the information again...don't get excited, it probably won't happen, but it is fun to think about!!! Are you going solo or do you know other people who are going?

    Dotee said...

    That is fantastic news Kim!! I know you will have a wonderful, wonderful time time!! Whooo hooo..

    My friend Holly is going too (check out the link to her blog on my blog if you want to say hello).

    It sounds like a wonderful way of connecting to other artist and learning at the same time.

    So happy for you xoxox

    Beth said...

    You lucky girl !!! My friend Mary Beth will be there. Please find her and say HI....she is wonderful !!!! You can find her here. I'm sure she'll have goodies at vendor night and if she does, they'll be great !!!

    Julie H said...

    Oh yes, you will have a wonderful time, one day I may make it there. BUT, we have Art Journey Retreat right here in Western Australia for the firs time. So this march I am doing classes with Nina Bagley and Lesley Riley, aswell as Dale Rollerson a West Aussie. Yeah oh Yeah, I am paying it off monthly and it is so cool to know that I have a dream break coming up.

    One Crabapple said...

    Yayyyy I am going too !!!

    See YOU THERE !

    Misty Mawn said...

    Thank you so much for your comment this morning!
    Congratulations on going to Artfest. I too am so excited about it too. Cannot wait!
    Love the bead pieces above, great work!

    Holly Stinnett said...

    I'm going too!!!! We absolutely must meet up while we're there. I don't know how I'm going to contain myself for seven whole months! It's just much too long to wait! I see Misty left you a message. Did you sign up for one of her classes. I did and am keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be selected to attend. :)