Monday, May 01, 2006

This is a picture of Kaj. He will be 5yrs old in June, same day as my daughter. He is a rescue and has a great personality..He is very stoic and shuffles about our house. He has his own room and full size bed of course..But he also likes to spend time laying in the sun all stretched out like a cat...He also loves to watch things being fixed or worked..let me explain, we had the plumber over and Kaj followed him around the house like an apprentice.. And he would put his head down to the level of the plumber working like he was remembering everything he is very cool to watch him..He also loves to play fetch and have his ears rubbed. Kaj is the only male in th family right now. I had to put down our beloved"Sambucca" in February.. But more on him another time, the pain is still too fresh....The puppy in the middle is the newest addition to the pack and her name is Nelly Ann..She is a doberman/beagle mix...The picture is about 2months old as she does not look like this anymore..But I will have a more recent picture of her soon..

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