Sunday, May 14, 2006

I will be spending time with my favorite mom..this lovely gal on your left, she is holding me at 10weeks old...i was born 2weeks late and quite the chubby one and still am..good to know some things never change...Let me tell you a few things about my mom....she is the best cook, can whip a great dinner up with nothing(just like her mom could do!)yummy!!!, she is very much a saint and always there when you need her, not just for our family but her friends also..did i mention that she is a fabulous cook! bakes up some serious cinnamon rolls and my personal favorite-her potato always gets requested from someone to make sure your mom makes the potato salad..she makes it without the relish just for ME! Growing up when we had to do reports on foreign countries, she be right there helping to add the "infamous" salt map to the projuect...any report from one of us kids had to have a salt map attached to it!! She has been there for me for every milestone in my life, probably the biggest being the birth of my daughter, in fact she was the one that drove me to the hospital..ok, I am shedding a few tears now and I hopoe I can keep it together today and not cry, but I am not that good at keeping my emotions under wrap..So, she is fixing up a mean batch of lasagna and for desert another fav of mine-red velvet cake but this one is a red velvet ice cream cake.So to all you moms out there, i am talking about the moms that have the 4-legged kids too..have a wonderful day and share some sparkle along the way!!!

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One Crabapple said...

Your Mamma is BEEEautiful !

And this is a sweet picture.

Aren't you lucky to have this ?!

Happy Mother's Day to you !
Love, S.