Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This is a picture of one of my dogs Chance Marie-she is always down here in my "studio" area with me..That is her rugh she picked out from target..She has good taste most of the time...She is sweet and a rescue...We have had her for 5yrs...The tiara picture is me at pre happy hour w/the forum faeries of Kirks Folly..Later that evening we were joined by the Fairy Godmother-Jenniefer& her sister-Helen..Such wonderful people!! Everything is from the heart with them..It was quite the magical weekend and everyone should be so lucky to have one of those in a lifetime!!!

This ATC is one of my favorites and was a quick one to do! I didn have to think to hard for a cute little message, it just came to me in a wink! I do not know why this has changed to italic print and I do not know how to fix it...This blog stuff is a lot of work..I really need to hire soemone to do it for me..Right, like that would ever happen, but then you never know! My BABA(polish for grandma) would always say-"NEVER SAY NEVER" .She was always right and had a sixth sense to her, so does my mom, my sister -Jody and her daughter-Olivia......Okay, that is enough chit chat....Bye for now!!!!*^*^*^*^


One Crabapple said...

What a GREAT tiara ! did you make that ?

The beeswax is such an interesting process and I have yet to learn. Will you be doing any informative blogs here teaching us how ?

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

And when yyou wait on love it gives and gives and gives!! Beautiful words you added here!!

One Crabapple said...

Hey what happened to the entry of your "Waiting on Love" beeswax ATC here ??
It is so nice !

How about a close up on that tiara ?

It is gorgeous !