Friday, May 12, 2006

Well, today is rainy, rainy, rainy Friday..The picture to the right is of my friends and I(in hat)
taken at Gahanna Lanes..where we thought we would be in a bowling league, but since the six of us where the only 2teams that showed up, it aint goin' happen..But that was cool because the guy gave us free games, so we bowled anyway..And what is really cool about my friends is no matter where we are or what we do and that can be nothing, we have so much fun...We are all ages(me being the oldest) and backgrounds and jobs and yet we all have so much fun, no ones judges anyone, except Leonard gets on his high horse sometimes...But they are just so cool and I love them all! So today is all about friends and the big impact that they can have on one's life!!! I love mine!!

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