Monday, May 22, 2006


well, today is special and sad at the same time...the picture that you see is of my beloved "sambucca' that i had to put down on February 7th of this year..he was a 10yr old white german shepherd and one of the loves of my life...we have had him in our lives since he was a baby...he was a beautiful creature and quite the head turner, he did not like thunderstorms especially the thunder and he loved to sleep in the walk-in closet...the things that he did love were the snow and flowers and anything that had a perfume to it..when i would blow dry my hair he would be in the bathroom with me smelling my hair or if i had just sprayed perfume on, he would roll around on the rug in the scent of the perfume...imagine the picture of this male, 135lb dog rolling around on the floor, it was quite humorous...anyway, the artist that did this incredible drawing is donna antonucci. i was introduced to her by a wonderful fairy godmother as she had a portrait of her beloved "nana" done by donna. looking at her portrait, i knew right away no other person could do samuel justice and capture his essence but donna and she so did, it is just an amazing piece of artwork it brings tears to my eyes..i do not have the actual portrait yet as it has to be framed. she is just such an amazing artist and i want everyone to visit her website, she is awesome and i cannot tell you how much she means to me and she has become a good friend...okay, i am going to end now because i keep tearing up at how beautiful he looks and peaceful and how much i miss his gruffiness............xoxox~*~*~*~*(


One Crabapple said...

Roses and love to you and Samuel. ("Sambucca")

This picture is a beautiful memorial.

You were so lucky to find such a wonderful artist. Thank you for turning me on to her website.

I know your heart is breaking.

Hugs, S.

JJ1 said...

The picture is great--it is bucca to a "T" ..... I do miss him sleeping beside the bed everynight and hanging out in the closet on his bed. I can't wait until his fragrant roses are planted and in full bloom!!! 58 JJ

Hey said...

OMG! I hadn't seen this finished yet. It's absolutely beautiful! The likeness is haunting (in a good way.) Wow. Simply amazing.

dogfaeriex5 said...

it is a wonderful thing to have such good friends, i am blessed....thank you!

Heather said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. The portrait of your doggie is LOVELY. Late last year I lost my doggie of 10 years too and I understand how hard it is. Hugs