Friday, May 19, 2006

since we have had some bad storms this week, my coumputer center at home is on the fritz, so i really havent been able to do any art, but of course i have stuff to talk about today..above is an old card that i did that i had in a file at work, so that is the photo op for today! anyway, i wanted to ramble on about some "random acts of kindness" that i have experienced this week...i like to think the people are generally good-hearted but you really do not see it that much anymore, but this week my faith in the human race has been renewed...let me tell a few things that have happened to me this week...i was standing downstairs by our building waiting under cover for my ride and a total stranger asked if i wanted to share her umbrella, i looked at her and smiled and said no thank-you and how nice of you to ask, but i was waiting on a ride! okay, how often has that happened to you? i swear it doesnt happen that often to me...i received in the mail from a sister faerie -this beautiful faerie i had been asked by this faerie to do one of my faerie cards for a closefriend of hers that was going thru some rough spots, now mind you i said yes of course, but hadnt done anything on it yet, low and behold i get this pin in the mail thanking me for just saying yes, i was taken aback and totally shocked that she would #1 buy this beautiful piece of jewerly w/o getting my card, of course i was so thrilled and inspired to get her card done and i did sent it out the next day and included a little something special for her...okay yesterday i get in the mail from another talented faerie-a faerie door, this thing work of art is just precious, it is a handmade clay door that looks like a faerie door, you knowsomething out of the "lord of the rings".you lean up against something so the faeries can come is truly magical...i hope the dogs like our new visitors! ha ha..anyway, she just wanted to send me something from one fellow artist to another..i was just so taken back by all these acts of kindness, it is just truly amazing to me and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that there are still good people that walk the the old addage "that is much better to give than to receive" is absolutely true..i always feel amazing giving someone something that they do not expect, example this week i was at the post office sending a package off to my faerie friend in the UK and the postal lady complimented me on my necklace and said on i have been wanting to get one of those, so what did i do but take it off and just give it to her! i didnt really need to have it and it made me feel wonderful that she appreciated me doing was today or sometime this weekend do the will feel good about it!!
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Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Tahnk you for coming by my blog, I can see taht a "dog crown" isn't a bad thing after coming by and seeing your art! When I put the dog on the paperdoll's head it struck me funny and changed my mood completely!