Thursday, May 18, 2006

well, today my offering is "the altered book"...this is my first attempt at it and it has gotten added to an exhibit of altered books that will be on display June 10 until when I do not know..but the story on this one is, i had started this book about a year and a half ago, did about a 1/4 of it then put it away for a rainy the process my life went on and i moved so it got but in a box, well i found it cleaning out the boxes and put it somewhere, so when i wanted to get it out again to finish for the exhibit, guess what? i couldnt find it, no matter where i looked so i figured, damn i threw it i gave up! then lo and behold, i was looking for this journal to start and of course i could find it , but there was the little book...plain as day laying in a box in a closet in the scrapbook..i do not know how it got missed, but i think that some elfs were playing tricks with me or maybe it was the dogs, who knows, but that it i didnt show all the pages, but you will get the jist of it! someone asked me if i had a theme going into this and i said no, i just do what i like and in saying that i realize it really does come through someone's art, when they love what they are working is weird but it i hope you like it, i sure do, there are sparkles all through the book, i hope that they stay on for the ride and do not drop off...oh well.....sparkle on!!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~


One Crabapple said... really DID enjoy your rainy weekend.

and you are right ! it shows that you loved doing this.

(I wish alll the pages were posted!)

Congratulations on your first exhibit ! That is exciting and validating , hmm ?

hey , I wanna know something....

When will the Sparkle On Tee-shirts be out ?

xxo - S.

dogfaeriex5 said...

you are always pushing me with that witchy long finger!

sparkle on!

One Crabapple said...

WHITE Magic only please !