Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The above kitty is Lily Mae. She is one of our 4 cats. She is so so so sweet..Everyday when the car gets on the cement pad, we have to stop and pick Lily up for the car ride into the garage. Now mind you, it is about 10feet into the garage from the pad, but neverthless, Lily is there waiting w/her motor running.. She comes into the house on occassions to play with the above -Nelly the puppy, all our dogs get along famously with our cats. Nelly sometimes gets alittle rough with Lily but Lily justs lets out a meow and Nelly backs off a bit. But it is just the cutest thing to see them play...She is a lover too, just loves to have her head rubbed and loves to curl up with her brother Miller Bodine in a tiny clothes basket in the garage that is filled w/junk..They both do not care, so sometimes we leave the garage door open a titch so they can get in and sleep..or they also like to lay on the car hoods or if you leave the car door open, they all appear out of nowhere to sleep in the car..They are just the coolest sweetest things and to think anyone that knows me, knows I am not a real cat fan, strictly a dog fan..But I do love these kitties!!!!

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One Crabapple said...

I want Lily-Mae!!!

whatta sweetie-pie

you are so luckeeeeee !

Love, S.