Tuesday, January 09, 2007

yet another journal page

*****did this at work today******
the background is a totally great card that


sent me..



Heather said...

very cool. I am having a hard time getting started on my journaling.. ugh

Laura said...

How cool!!!! I have to give my friend Trish credit though....she gave me a box of those cards!!! So, she is the total cool one in this case! Did you put your Portillo's decals on the car yet!!! Honk if you love hot dogs!

2lilbearsmom said...

hmm, I think I like your style lady, LOL just wanted to let you know I've been doing a lot better on my blogging. not very inspired yet but it will get better.

Ellen Lyn said...

Hi! I really like the colors!! Thanks for dropping by and leaving the nice comments on my blog! Hey, cool icon....is that a white german shepherd?

One Crabapple said...

What a cool journal page ! that collage rocks Mizz Laura ! Love it ! Those colors are perfect and I picked up another tip here too....the way the image is shadowed all around the edges really defines it . Very interesting !

Love your journaling here.
( I got my EYE on YOU )

Beth said...

See.....you've that journaling bug too.....I knew you'd love it once you got going !!!!!
Love that yellow !!!!

Dotee said...

Kim - great journal page! Bright and bold. And very you :)

I am loving seeing your art develop my friend.

Naturegirl said...

Woo..hoo love her legs and pose! Happy yellow color! hugs NG :)