Saturday, January 20, 2007

good antique find day~

here are my treasures from the don scott antique show, it rolls in to our fairgrounds 6times a year and you never know what you will find......letter "L" came off an old movie marque in detroit, michigan, it is for
  • laura
  • ..arent the latern salt & pepper shakers too cute?? $1.00 for the pair, i collect old glass salt/pepper shakers and fill them with buttons!!
    Embroidery floss=50cents a piece and that saved me a trip to joanns, box of straight pins was $3.00 and i bought it for the little box and i needed a small box of pins to take to artfest..

    closer view of the spoons...2nd on the left goes to my sunny friend-
  • miss crabapple

  • nice collection of pictures, wedding photos and lovely woman in glasses for laura..
    the book is an autograph book, binding is not in good condition but can use the front and back covers for other is late 1800s or early 1900s...

    more closeups...
    final closeup.......


    Naturegirl said...

    ooohh...ahhhhh! Look at these!
    I LoVe that last *sPooN* with the girls image and the ~NaMe!~
    I have a necklace which is made from ~only the end~ of these vintage spoons..perhaps one day I'll post. I also have 2 of those antique wooden spools (top second from left)mine have a feather at one end and the other a pen tip. Great finds!!hugs NG

    Leau said...

    These look like such good treasures! What fun you muct have had. Your box 'o nature is almost ready to send. I've had such fun putting it together. I'll let you know when "it's in the mail"!!

    ButtercupElffly said...

    Ok whichy, You flea market treasure hunter you..... Great haul of lovely booty..... Just be careful you will be come like Bee and have to have a special building to store it all in --- 67 Rubber Made crates to be exact. Not counting all the stuff hanging on the walls. I feel like Mini Pearl every thing in my house has a price tag-->>> LOL


    Laura said...

    Wahooo! What finds!!! and I love all the stuff that has my name on it!!!!!!!! Thank you!!! You know me so well already!!! It was so sweet of you to think of me!! and thanks for the go, go Bears call!! Wahoo! Super bowl baby! Now, LET'S STEW IN IT!!!

    Babsarella said...

    What a lovely selection of treasures!!!

    Deb said...

    What terrific finds! I love old autograph books... I have one from my great-grandmother (mid-1800's) that is one of my treasures!

    zUzU said...


    Don't you just LOVE antique shows?
    Ooooo a ton of yummy things!

    The little lanterns are WONDERFUL!
    and buttons inside ... of course.

    Perche No! (why not!)

    I do like that ... Good idea!
    I have a vintage gumball machine
    filled with old pennies, so of
    course why not buttons in the
    salt & pepper shakers?

    Someday I am going to figure out
    how to create a slot in my penny-filled gumball machine where
    one can drop in a gumball to win
    some of the pennies ::giggle::

    =^..^= love, zU